Piglet – Philippines Living Rock Ministries | In Progress

Amount: $70

Living Rock Ministries under the leadership of ANM partners Pastor Danny and Cita Montes seeks to care for single missionary ladies and pastor’s widows by providing them piglets, which can be raised and then sold at market. And of course the pig’s offspring multiply the business. If you can’t give a whole pig, invite a friend to join you.


Ducks – Philippines Norala Ministerial Fellowship | In Progress

Amount: $4

ANM ministry partner Norala Medical Dental Evangelical Ministry has a pastor who reaches out to the Muslim minorities on the island of Mindanao. This pastor seeks one self-sustaining means to support his ministry: raising egg-laying ducks. He needs 265 egg-laying ducks at $4 each to start his micro-enterprise.


Goats – India Faith Revive Trust of India | In Progress

Amount: $40

The gift of a goat gives many missionaries one more way to provide for their families as they continue to work in the ministry. A nanny goat will provide milk for the family and perhaps some to sell. When the nanny goat has a kid, it also can be sold to meet family needs.


Why is a Goat so Valuable? – Ghana Center of Good News | In Progress

Amount: $30

Children throughout Africa struggle with the payment of school fees. When a child is given a “kid,” a baby goat, he/she can raise the goat and sell its babies for school fees. Without an education the children are subject to continuing the hand-to-mouth existence of their parents. A gift of a goat paves the way to a better future, and connects the child to a missionary organization that will share the gift of Christ Jesus with them.


Goats for Widows and Needy Families – Pakistan Pakistan for Christ | In Progress

Amount: $35

Many widows and needy families would benefit from having a goat. It provides milk and baby goats can be sold for additional income. The ministry asks each recipient to give the first kid (goat) born back to the ministry to pass on to another needy person or family. A goat costs $70 and 50 families are targeted to receive one. Your gift of $35 or more will make this outreach a reality.