Learn to Pray with a Global Perspective

“I should pray more …”

Many Christians feel this way. Shouldn’t I be praying more often, more purposefully, more passionately for people who need to hear the gospel?

It’s easy to feel inadequate in prayer. After all, the world is so big and people’s needs are so diverse. 

And some people are just “better at prayer” than others, right? No!

We believe every Christian can pray confidently and make a real difference for people who need to hear that Jesus loves them!

That’s why we’re offering three free online events this spring specifically to help you pray for people around the world who need to encounter Jesus.

You can —

  • Pray with confidence 
  • Be specific in your prayers
  • Address real needs
  • Pray with true stories, actual places, and real faces in mind
  • Participate actively in the worldwide community of followers of Jesus

Join us for 


Build your faith and reach the unreached through prayer!

March 2, April 6, May 4

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Every Christian can participate in a real way in reaching others with the gospel through prayer, and we’ll show you how.

During this spring’s Praying for the Nations Series, you will —

  1. Hear biblical teachings on prayer
  2. Understand how prayer is an essential part of missions
  3. Get practical tips for making prayer a regular part of your life
  4. Access resources to help you pray more often and more confidently

March 2

“How Does Prayer Help Reach the Unreached?”

Featuring: A ministry leader in Beirut, Lebanon, site of a massive and catastrophic explosion in August, 2020

*View a Recording Here*

April 6

“Prayer Will Build Your Faith”

Featuring: A Messianic Jewish ministry leader in Israel, the land of Jesus where so many have still not encountered the gospel

May 4

“Practical Steps for Praying for the Unreached”

Featuring: A ministry leader in Serbia, where Christianity is commonplace but personal relationships with Jesus are scarce

You’ll come away from these events inspired and informed, so you can pray with specific faces, places, and stories in mind.

Register here and we’ll send you a reminder email with a link to the livestream on the day of the event.

We’ll also send you a resource package with a prayer guide and other tools to help you or your small group or church pray for the many people around the world who still haven’t heard the good news of Jesus.

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