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Pray for Outcomes of Family Reunions in North Korea

Last month dozens of South Korean families, separated for 65 years from their close relatives in North Korea, were reunited for three days in the North. Prior to this year, only 19 such reunions took place since the year 2000 and these were the first to be held since 2015. They followed pledges made in April during a meeting between South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

The reunions took place at a mostly-abandoned tourist resort in the mountains of North Korea. Family members were allowed only 11 hours of time with each other over three days of highly supervised meetings.

An ANM ministry partner in the region tells us that even though North Korea intended the meetings for propaganda, God can turn it to a good purpose.

“The reunions [are] held for the families of North and South Koreans who have suffered from lifelong separation, but North Korea is allowing the reunions in order to take political advantage. All North Koreans who have previously held a family reunion ceremony had to be inspected and had to report their cash or gifts to the authorities to be taken away.

North Koreans and attendants participating in the event indirectly experience the free world…communicated…through the daily words, behaviors, expressions, and moods of the South side of the group. We need to pray that the exchange of these two Koreas will be the vehicle through which the gospel is shared, and pray that the North Korean people can freely meet their family in the South without being used as political pawns in the future. Most of all, pray that peaceful gospel reunification will come swiftly and safely upon the Korean Peninsula in order for the North Koreans to be able to worship God freely.”

Amen! Please join us in prayer for the families who participated and for the Koreas.

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This article previously stated in error that another set of reunions were being held in September.

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