Petals of Hope…Rescuing the Enslaved

Ex. 6:6b says, “I will redeem you with my outstretched arm.” NIV

Beth Weedor is one instrument that God is using to redeem girls in Liberia. She is a former Muslim from Liberia where women are devalued, abused, mutilated, and rejected.

     By Sue Morris  

This stems from a culture that considers women as property of men, first their father’s property and then their husband’s property. Orphans are exploited by predators who sell them into sex trafficking. Girls are subjected to female genital mutilation. Young ladies trade sexual favors for good grades in school. None of this is seen as unacceptable behavior in Liberian culture. But Beth Weedor stands in opposition to these cultural atrocities.

She has started a ministry to girls called Petals of Hope.  She wants to build safe houses where girls rescued from sex trafficking can live. The girls will blossom as they are rescued, nurtured, and educated. She envisions them as becoming beautiful blossoming flowers with hope for a better future. Thus the name Petals of Hope came to be.

Beth is in the process of building a safe house and school for the girls to attend. She hopes to eventually have a safe house, school, library, cafeteria, 2 dormitory buildings, an assembly hall and an administrative building. The entire project is expected to cost about $200,000.00. She has already met with girls she hopes to rescue and help. Beth needs help to rescue girls, just as she was rescued from Islam and a culture oppressive to women by coming to know Jesus as her Lord and Savior.  She wants to do the same for girls from Liberia.

Rick Warren said, “God never wastes a hurt.” Beth Weedor is proof of this statement. She has accepted the salvation, healing, and love of Jesus and wants to pass it on to girls in Liberia. You can help her to make a difference in the lives of girls in her home country. She needs your prayers and support to make this happen.

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