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The Challenge of Discipleship: A Conversation about Jesus’ Great Commission

“Make disciples…” Those are some of Jesus’ last words to His followers before he ascended, what we call the Great Commission. 

By Joel Maas

It’s easy to think that our response to this final instruction of Jesus is just to tell other people about Jesus or maybe to support some kind of missions work. But Jesus tells the people standing there—you and me, by extension—to “make disciples.”

What does it mean to make a disciple? Am I doing that? How do I know if I am doing it well?

I recently sat down in the studio with a man who left a high-paying career in a large urban center of Asia to share the gospel high in the Himalayan mountains. As he began, he prayed, “Give me one disciple.” 

He’s passionate about his work, and thoroughly convinced that discipleship is an essential focus of the Christian life.

It was a challenging interview for me as I reflected on my role in the discipleship of others. I hope you’ll be challenged and encouraged too.

Joel Maas hosts and produces The Advancing Native Missions Podcast. Find episodes at or search for us in your preferred podcast app.



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