The Far East

North Koreans Receive the Gospel through Radio Broadcasts

They sit alone in the forest at midnight. It’s cold tonight. Not unusual for North Korea.

After more than an hour, still and quiet on the frozen ground, they feel certain they are alone. Without speaking, one of the teenagers takes out a carefully concealed radio, a gift from a missionary with North Korea Outreach. His fingers tremble as he tunes the radio to the station that broadcasts all the way from Seoul in the South.

For the next two hours the two teenagers hear words of encouragement and hope. Christian songs remind them of God’s love. Gospel messages feed their soul the truth of God’s word.

By the light of a single candle they take notes with the nub of a pencil, with fingers that shake because of the night air…and because of fear. They know that if they are caught they will be sent to the dreaded labor camps of North Korea, as will their family members. This would mean almost certain death.

But they risk the dangers because of their love for the Lord and their desire that God would use them to be a light in the midst of the darkness of North Korea. What they have received, they will pass on.

These young North Korean believers don’t know who cared enough and sacrificed to send the funds for the radio and these broadcasts. But one day they will. They will meet in heaven, embrace, and they will say thank you.

On behalf of those who have only you to deliver the good news, thank you and God bless.

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