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Norlan Receives New Life in Nicaragua

As the rain continued pouring down on Managua, Nicaragua, residents of Barrio Ruben Dario ran from the landslides rushing toward the shores of Lake Managua. Hurricane Felix, a category 5 storm with 180 mph winds, brought 12 straight days of rain to this region in September 2007. In Barrio Ruben Dario, 31,000 people were affected by landslides, and 133 lost their lives. Those who survived moved away to safer locations.

There was no one left in Ruben Dario to come to the Feed My Lambs feeding center, where many had received food, aid, and instruction about Jesus. Gone were the smiling faces that responded to the Good News. Those who had been mentored and nurtured had moved away. At least the drunks and gang members who demanded food were no longer a threat. But now what?

Feed My Lambs director Yesenia Tigchelaar sought the Lord for His direction for the ministry. She was told there was a need in the neighboring city of Tipitapa, and was given the name of a woman named Sebastiana who lived there. She was not a believer, but was concerned for the poor children in the neighborhood of Santa Lucía. The women connected, and Feed My Lambs opened their new program two months later.

Sebastiana enrolled her young son Norlan at the new center. He enjoyed the food and listened intently every day to the Word of God. When he was five, he gave his life to Christ. That day he returned home in tears, overwhelmed by the love of Jesus and His suffering.

The next morning, Sebastiana went to the center.  “What has happened to my son?” The staff shared the Gospel with her as they explained, but she did not open her heart. At home, Norlan sang about his savior and recited Scripture around the house, hoping the Lord would open his mother’s ears to hear the truth.

One morning Norlan awoke in pain. “Mommy, my tummy really hurts.”

“Go lie down. You’ll feel better soon,” instructed Sebastiana.

Several hours later, screams from the bedroom sent Sebastiana running to Norlan’s side. He was doubled over in pain and could not even talk.

“I must get him to the hospital!”

At the hospital the doctors flew into action. “His appendix has ruptured. He needs immediate surgery!”

During anesthesia Norlan’s heart stopped.

“Resuscitate him now!”

They gave up five minutes later.

“No, no, not my son!” Sebastiana cried. She glared at the doctors and said, “Take me to him. I want to see him now!”

“Please God, save my son!” Praying to a God she did not quite know, she took Norlan in her arms and caressed his hands and stomach.

Beep, beep, beep. The monitor subtly signaled the miracle: Norlan had come back to life!

Sebastiana has yet to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Please pray.

ANM has partnered with FML for many years. They bring the light and love of Jesus by feeding, aiding and ministering to the needs of underprivileged children in Nicaragua. FML provides hot meals, medical attention, school supplies, uniforms and food boxes for single mothers. Simple baking skills enable students to provide food and funds for their families. Hundreds of children have received life-giving assistance and the precious gift of salvation and hope for the future.

In 2014 ANM began a group child sponsorship program to help more children find new life in Nicaragua. You can participate in this program for the small gift of $10 a month.

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