New Podcast Episode: Loving Migrants in Balkan Europe

Imagine thousands of people—many with no documentation—flooding your city or town. The migrants are from a different culture and country, most are Muslims, and they are seeking a better life for themselves and their families. War has destroyed many of their lives.

This has been the story for the last year in southeastern Europe, and a few small Balkan nations are directly in the path of what is being called the largest human migration in modern history. There are hardly any Christians in these southeastern European nations, and they don’t have much, but they are expending every ounce of resource and energy they have to love “their neighbors.” They are embracing this opportunity to plant seeds of the Gospel, trusting that the Lord will produce a great harvest for His honor.

This is a story that you would do well to hear!

ANM’s director for Europe and Russia, George Ainsworth, is our guest for this podcast episode. Listen here, then check out the Podcast page for more of the interview and more episodes.

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