New Bible School Equips Church Planters

“If you ask them, ‘What is your religion?’ they will say Christian. But then you ask them, ‘Do you believe in Jesus?’ and they will say, ‘You are from one of those sects. Jesus is dangerous.’” That’s the way Marino Mojtic of the Evangelical Church of Macedonia summarized the challenge of ministry in this tiny country of 2 million people in southeastern Europe.

By Andrew Needham

Only about 2,000 evangelical Christians live in this former Yugoslav republic. The majority of the population is nominally Orthodox Christian, with a large minority of Muslims.

Local Christians take every opportunity to share the gospel with their neighbors. This jump-starts new fellowship groups and churches, but who will lead these young communities of faith? That question motivated the leadership team of the Evangelical Church of Macedonia to pray for a new Bible school to train pastors.

After years of planning, in the fall of 2016 the school welcomed its first class. Through the fall, twenty students attended classes on site two days each month. The rest of the month they completed assignments remotely and served in their local churches. “We desperately need willing workers,” Marino said, “so it really helps that these developing leaders can study and serve at the same time.”

Read excerpts from Andrew’s interview with Marino about ministry in a nominally Christian country here.

Please pray for these young leaders and the church in Macedonia, and consider supporting the work of the seminary. Give here

Andrew Needham leads ANM’s Media Advocacy team.


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