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Native Partners Thank ANM for Help During COVID

The global COVID-19 pandemic has economically and socially paralyzed much of the world. Early on in this crisis, ANM began to raise support for our international partners whose ministries had been severely curtailed by national lockdowns and economic slowdowns. Through the generosity of ANM donors, to date, we have been able to send $360,000 to help our brothers and sisters around the world. They are grateful. They are even writing to encourage us here at home as we struggle with COVID-19. Here are just a few of the many letters of thanks and praise that we have received from our partner ministries.  


“We Christians do understand that only our Triune God has power over these kinds of epidemics. As I have been praying over this epidemic, I see how the superpowers of the world are prepared, and [then I] see my own tiny little and least developed country. I see nothing to rely on but just simply [to] trust the Lord and depend on Him. I think this is called ‘Faith on Him.’ Our faith in Him heals us — Mark 5:34. So, please pray, have faith in Him, depend on Him, and keep safe and sound. We love you!”


“While the Philippines is in ‘lockdown,’ we are on ‘knee down.’ Our Bible students have not [been able to go] home in the midst of the coronavirus situation. The government has discouraged us from mass gatherings, and many churches have not held corporate worship services [since the lockdown began]. Every evening we hold prayer time from 7:30–9:00 at the cottage in [the] prayer garden. We fold our hands and bow down our knees before the sovereign God, who alone directs every event that is happening. We pray for His grace to keep our hearts and minds at peace during these times of great panic and fear due to [the] COVID-19 pandemic. You are always in our hearts and prayers here.”


“[One of our ministry leaders] was in another town with his family visiting his in-laws when the government, without warning, prohibited all travel in the country, imposing [a] quarantine in each home. This brother, rather than being discouraged, took [the] opportunity to hold a worship service with his in-laws and prayed for their healing. They were instantly healed! He is rejoicing in this time to minister in a different way with those he can reach!” 


“God works through us to provide for human needs. This crisis is one where God calls each of us to be a blessing to others. As a mission, we are very grateful to ANM for assisting and partnering with us all these years in our various projects together. Please do continue to pray and support the mission in the coming days. I do humbly request you to greet each and every brother [and] sister working at ANM and all the supporters of ANM.” 


“We are now helping 12,000 families in nine Asian countries with daily food. We could use all the help we can get for Pakistan, Indonesia, and [other countries]. It is pretty shocking how costs [have gone] up quickly when helping that many people. Even [at] $1 per day, per family, that soon becomes hundreds of thousands of dollars.


“First of all, we are very thankful to our God, who is providing food items to feed poor and needy families in this difficult time when they are jobless. It’s a tough and challenging time for everyone, but all the families are very thankful to the people who have donated funds for their needs. [Over the] last two days, we went to two different villages to distribute food items and masks, and we took the opportunity [also to share] the word of God. We know that you are also suffering but [also] feeling our pain and [trying] to help as well as share your blessings with us. We cannot forget your kindness that you are showing [us] at this time. We remember you and your families in our daily prayer. May our God protect you and bless you.” 


“We are thankful [for] what God is doing amongst us through ANM. We are able to give out more food to pastors, needy widows, and retired pastors. The need is still big, but we thank God for His work.”


One partner writes, “With the offering of $3,600, a total of 1,750 people were blessed with meals and food, and 646 families were reached [with the gospel]. With the milk of the four cows, 238 people are drinking milk daily, including children, the elderly, and the sick. Fifty congregations from seven provinces [have all been blessed], and the main evangelical leaders of those territories [have all] participated. Thank you!”

Another says, “With the help received from you, we were able to deliver 140 basic baskets to families in the church and [those] close to the congregation. We also [protected] four different patients. One [who was] confirmed [with COVID-19] overcame the disease with the support of [the] resources [you sent to us]. Medicines are not donated in hospitals in general, but we were able to support [them] with the offering sent. Everything was received with joy, and there were many thanksgivings addressed to the Lord for the support received in these months of [the] pandemic.”


“I want to thank all of you for your prayers and the unconditional support that you have been giving to our ministry. I would like you to know that with this pandemic, we need to make a lot of changes, but I give thanks to God because He has guided us (without us knowing) for a lot of years in order to train our leaders to do the job that they are doing today. What happened in this pandemic season? God guided us to train people [over the past 20 years], and now we cannot travel to those places because it is prohibited to [enter] indigenous communities. But every day I have been receiving information about the work that [the ones we have trained] are doing.”


“Our house [fellowship] is really busy right now sewing masks [to protect] against the virus. This is good! Our government enforces that! This is the business our brothers and sisters could do, and it seems like they are making some good income. Pray for the [Father’s family in] Tajikistan to be self-sustainable and strong within the spirit! We are encouraged by how the Body here has come together to support each other during this time and the times to come. It is just the beginning, but we are holding on to the promise that our Father knows all that we need and will provide in the days ahead for us and for all His children.”

North Macedonia

“I would like to thank you for staying with us together in this time of crisis, and I would like to say honestly that these [funds] mean a lot for us because [in] this situation, the income of the church is almost zero. All the expenses, taxes for the state, salaries for the pastors, without this money we cannot pass through the month. We still cannot have services. Every day we have contact with our believers via the social networks and contacts. Besides all of the other activities, prayers, and similar [events], I preach every Sunday at 11 a.m. Macedonian time. It goes directly live on our Facebook page. It is very encouraging that for this time, we have hundreds of new people that follow our sermons. Many of them are friends, relatives, our people in foreign countries, but also people that we don’t know. Pray also when this time of isolation ends that all of [these] people come to the church as well. I hope that you are healthy and pray that you stay in good health and [in a] good mood. I wish God’s blessing for you and everybody in ANM.”

ANM is continuing to raise funds for COVID-19 crisis relief around the world. We are grateful to all who have given generously to help our brothers and sisters in the nations. Thank you!

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Eric is ANM's International Communications Director.

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