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Missionaries from Ireland Share Stories and Lessons from the Mission Field

Sometimes we don’t see the fruits of our labors right away.

On the latest episode of the Native Missions Podcast, I had the privilege to speak with Jaap and Aziza DeCook, native missionaries in Ireland. Our conversation covered a lot of ground, and there was one brief excerpt I especially wanted to share because it was encouraging to me as I thought about the delays we sometimes experience in our life.

Here’s Jaap:

We’ve been in the mission field for a long time, and we know that when you sow, when you work the fields, you don’t always see a harvest. And sometimes the wind blows and it puts … the harvest down, or the big winds come and it’s a time of … loss. But in all that, we know also—and this is what we’ve seen—if you continue on, you will see a great harvest coming. 

And I must say, in Ireland I learned from the people that were there before us. … They are the real warriors. You know, you can come in and see a big church, but who has plowed the ground? You know, who has taken away the trees, who has taken out the rocks out of the field? … We’ve learned that those people are the real warriors. And that’s how we encourage them as well.

Isn’t that great? 

I hope you’ll listen to the rest of my conversation with Jaap and Aziza as they talk about their personal journeys of faith, their involvement in ministry across Europe, and how they have seen the Lord work in their lives.

You can find this interview and every episode of the Native Missions Podcast here.

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