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Missionaries Are Reaching the Unreached in Georgia

Baptist International Evangelistic Ministries (IEM) is working in the country of Georgia to spread the Gospel amid trying circumstances. The threat of war, an influx of Ukrainian refugees, lack of employment, and the poverty of this small country are just a few of its challenges. Charles and Nina Hoblitz, now in their late 70s, went to Georgia in 2021 to head the ministry. Having spent twenty years in Russia and being fluent in Russian, they are uniquely qualified for this ministry since Georgians speak Russian in addition to their native tongue. In the past year, they have connected with others who effectively share the Good News of Jesus with diverse people in Georgia.

An Indian Missionary in Georgia

One example is Dr. Sami, a missionary to Georgia from India. She and her team take a mobile medical van to villages where sick and suffering patients wait for care. There are few or no medical facilities in the towns, so Dr. Sami uses these opportunities to give aid and share the Gospel with each patient.

Dr. Sami holds three Christian student fellowships weekly, with approximately 100 college students attending each meeting.  Recently, Dr. Sami and her team went door to door in 28 dormitories to invite students to these meetings to learn about Jesus. All the students are of Indian descent from various Indian states, most are of a Hindu background, with some Muslims involved. In response to the appeal, 200 students attended a special evangelistic meeting. Most had never before heard of Jesus. Many responded to the invitation to know Jesus. Later, seven of those students came to Dr. Sami’s Sunday fellowship.

The linking of medical and student outreach has proven effective. Often parents of the students she ministers to will ask for medical help from Dr. Sami. Her willingness to offer medical support opens the door to share the Gospel with them.

One day, Dr. Sami received a call from a young man to visit his home in a radical Muslim village. She was encouraged that the team not only had the opportunity to meet his entire family but were invited to return to share more about the Gospel. Dr. Sami is a fervent servant of Jesus, reaching out to people wherever doors open.

A Miracle Building

George is another IEM missionary making an impact. Through unusual circumstances, he received government permission to establish and build a Baptist Church in his village. The government has never before granted favor like this to villagers. George uses a Bible approved by the state church to show the people he visits that the idols in their homes are displeasing to the Lord. God has opened a massive door for George and his family to step through and plant a church that is growing strong. 

Nationals Reaching Villages with the Gospel

An impoverished Georgian couple, Beso and Darina, love the Lord and desire to plant churches in two separate villages. They are aided by visits from Charles and Nina Hoblitz, who mentor them and help train additional workers. Weekly church meetings are held with plans to reach 5,000 homes in the two villages. Although Beso and Darina face persecution as they construct a building to meet in, the gifts they have received from the Missionary Cause Fund (MIS) have helped and encouraged them. In the meantime, Beso and Darina have set up a training program in their home.

More Work to Do

There are several hundred Ukrainian refugees in Georgia. The IEM team tries to help them get established and find jobs, although employment opportunities are scarce.

The Hoblitzs are a mature couple mentoring many native missionaries with hearts to serve the Lord, evangelize, and plant churches. The Missionary Support Funds help the Georgian workers continue in their service faithfully. Used to a hand-to-mouth existence, they are greatly encouraged by these shared resources and are heartened by the Hoblitzs, who work alongside them. 

Your support helps people like Beso and Darina, George, and Dr. Sami reach people with the Gospel and can literally mean the difference in their ability to to feed their families. Your gifts help train, encourage, and mentor these native missionaries eager to share the Good News with their people. Will you give to encourage more workers and help bring the Gospel to those who have never heard the name of Jesus?





Support Native Missionaries Like Beso and Darina

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