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Miraculous Healing Spreads the Gospel in Southeast Asia

Khamla was feeling so hopeless. After spending ten days in the hospital, he had made no progress in recovering from his stroke. Lying in the hospital bed, unable to do anything, he was ready to give up.

A Friend Brings Hope

When his friend Meng walked into the room to visit him, Khamla looked terrible. Seeing Khamla’s condition, Meng asked with compassion if he could pray for him. Meng prayed and proceeded to share the gospel with Khamla. Khamla had never heard about Jesus before; he was from an unreached tribe with almost no Christians. Having nothing else to do but lie in bed in despair, Khamla listened intently to what Meng shared, but he did not respond. 

The next day, Meng, his pastor, and a team of church members visited Khamla in the hospital. After 12 days in the hospital bed, Khamla welcomed their visit. The pastor and his team gathered around Khamla and prayed for his healing. As they prayed, Jesus healed Khamla immediately. 

Right then and there, Khamla decided to give his life to Christ. His wife and two children were in the room and witnessed the healing. Believing in what they saw, they also gave their lives to Jesus. That day, four tribal people from an unreached people group came to Christ.

Khamla invited the pastor of the church and the church team to come to his house after he left the hospital. He wanted them to witness as he took down his idols to prove the genuineness of his conversion. He purged his home of all the items used in false worship. He was utterly committed to Jesus.

Already Evangelizing

Khamla’s passion for Jesus was so intense that he was eager to go to church. He was hungry to worship the Lord and learn more about Jesus, who had healed him. Not only did he attend church for the first time, but he also brought an unbelieving couple with him. He wanted the couple to meet the pastor who had prayed for him. They came because he had shared his miracle with them. He hoped the pastor would tell his friends about the gospel. And he did! As the pastor shared about Jesus with the couple, the truth of who Jesus is touched them, and they gave their hearts to Christ right then. Khamla’s testimony and the pastor’s message changed their lives.

Even though a new believer, Khamla made the incredible commitment to oversee the spiritual growth of the couple he had brought to church. To be their mentor, Khamla joined a small group of the church that meets every day. There he could quickly learn how to pray and how to read God’s word. What he is learning each day, he will pass on to his new Christian friends. That’s how deeply in love with Jesus this 56-year-old man is.

On Fire for Jesus

Everywhere Khamla goes, he shares the gospel. He boldly testifies about what the Lord Jesus has done for him. Khamla shares with others that Jesus healed him and transformed his life. He tells others that Jesus brought him from a life of hopelessness into a life full of hope. He lets people know that what Jesus has done for him, Jesus can do for them as well.

Khamla acknowledges the gifts of healing and salvation that the Lord Jesus gave to him. He is grateful for these gifts, and he acts on his gratefulness. How? He took that couple to church to introduce them to the pastor to pray for them and introduce Jesus to them. He is learning and growing in his faith daily and mentoring the couple he brought to church. In addition, he is now acting as a lay evangelist preaching the gospel in his area.

Help Spread the Gospel

You can help reach the next person who is sick and in despair. Will you donate to reach more lost and hurting people with the hope of Jesus?

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