Health Education and Medical Ministry

Leader: Joy Tica

Group: the sick and unsaved, especially children

Location: Philippines

Lois Nell Joy Tica is a third-generation missionary in the Philippines. In fact, all of the seven Tica siblings are in full-time ministry. The burden to minister to children began to grow in Joy’s heart when, at age nine, she started teaching Sunday School. Seeing the ill condition of so many impoverished children, she determined to become a nurse. This dream grew even larger when God gave her the desire to become a physician. What seemed an impossible challenge due to lack of finances became a reality when Joy was accepted into nursing school and graduated among the top five of her class.

Joy’s involvement in the medical ministry began with the International Christian Outreach Relief Ministry. On weekdays, she taught in a nursing school; on Saturdays, she devoted herself to medical outreach; and on Sundays, she worshiped God with His people. During this time, she saw the vital need for a full-time doctor to serve as a member of the medical outreach team. This heightened her yearning to become a physician. In 2002, God prompted a couple to pay Joy’s tuition through medical school, and in 2007 she launched the Health Education and Medical Ministry, serving as full-time resident doctor.

Since then thousands have received the free services of Health Education and Medical Ministry, and many have also trusted in Jesus as their Savior. Joy says, “If you ask what will stop me from doing this?  Nothing!  As long as there are Filipinos who need but cannot afford medical attention, and cannot avail of basic government health services, then our team will be there for them because of our higher calling: to introduce them to Jesus, the Healer of their spiritual sickness.”

YOU can join in the service and ministry of this medical mission. Contact us today.

Yogyakarta Ministries Training Center

Leader: Paulus

Group: the unreached cities and villages of Indonesia

Location: Indonesia

Born into a Javanese Muslim home, Paulus describes himself as a very wicked boy. He was even taken to witch doctors to be exorcised, but his behavior only worsened. Because of this, his father banished him from the village. During high school, Paulus began to learn of Christ, and at the age of 14, he secretly received Jesus as Savior. Transferring to a Bible training center in preparation for ministry, he married Sri and they had four children. Paulus states, “Through all this, the Lord has molded my heart, built my character, and taught me how to live as a simple servant of God, bearing fruit for His glory.”

In 1971, Paulus began working as an itinerant evangelist and church planter. As he traveled to the villages and islands of Indonesia, he saw the need for an “unconventional training center.” Out of this, Yogyakarta Ministries Training Center (YMTC) was born. The Lord later provided a place where 16 missionary workers could meet regularly and encourage one another in spiritual growth. These were the first of many Indonesian missionaries who completed training at the center.

Today YMTC attracts prospective missionaries from varying backgrounds who come to obtain skills needed for ministry in the world’s most populous Muslim country.  After a period of intensive training, they are sent to the field for practical ministry, then return to the center for further training before finally being sent out as church planters and itinerant evangelists across Indonesia.

*“To mobilize Indonesian believers to evangelize and plant churches in the unreached cities and villages of Indonesia”* is the vision of YMTC, and they are steadily seeing it fulfilled.

Today there are more than 350 workers nationwide. Of those, 75 are serving alongside Paulus. In cooperation with several denominations, more than 1,000 churches have been planted, 250 of which are scattered throughout villages across the 27 provinces of Indonesia.

YOU can support this ministry and be part of the great harvest in Indonesia.

God’s Evangelistic Bible School

Leader: Lemuel Totica

Group: impoverished youth

Location: Iloilo, Philippines

God’s Evangelistic Bible School’s objective is to teach young people who have a burden for the lost, yet cannot afford to pay for Bible training. Its founder and leader, missionary-pastor Lemuel Totica, was raised and nurtured in the faith by his blind, but prayerful and godly mother. Heeding God’s call upon his life, Lemuel attended Bible school and earned a Bachelor of Religious Education degree. God then placed a burden in his heart to start a Bible school in the mountain area of Iloilo for needy students. After much prayer, God’s Evangelistic Bible School (GEBS) was organized in 1985, and the school building was erected through the labor and financial support of the believers who were attending the church pastored by Lemuel at that time.

GEBS workers and students engage in village evangelism and soul-winning programs. The Bible school produces graduates who fill a great need: men and women willing to serve in poor mountain churches. Seminary students from the city generally choose not to work in small mountain churches due to the lack of support, but these students are willing to serve the Lord in any region, regardless of money. Needless to say, they are in great demand for pioneer work in remote and mountain areas. These selfless workers need YOUR prayer and support. Contact us to learn how YOU can partner with this vital ministry.

Asian Youth and Children Ministries

Leader: Joji “Bong” Barredo

Group: Asian Youth and Children

Location: Bacolod City, Philippines

Asian Youth and Children Ministries (AYCM) helps churches, pastors, and Christian workers evangelize and disciple children. The mission statement of AYCM’s camp is “Reaching to Save, Teaching to Serve,” and they strive to fulfill this mission in many ways. They run a weekly Friday Night Youth Fellowship consisting of three hours of fun, games, music, worship, and Bible study. They also conduct overnight camps for children and youth during the summer, one-day children’s camps every two months, and a youth retreat at the end of the year. Through these venues, AYCM reaches no less than 1,000 children and young people every year.

Joji “Bong” Barredo, the missionary leader of AYCM, has always been burdened for kids and young people, having recognized God’s call on her life since her salvation experience at the age of 13. In 1988, God opened the way for that call to be realized, and soon thereafter AYCM came into being. If YOU have a heart for ministering to youth, then get involved with this highly effective ministry today!

Tondo Dump Christian Ministry

Leader: Nemuel & Ruth Palma

Group: People living in the Tondo Dump

Location: Manila, Philippines

If you could live anywhere you wanted, where would it be? Perhaps you would choose to live near the ocean, close enough to hear the soothing breaking of the waves at night when you sleep. Some of us might choose the beautiful mountains, or perhaps the open spaces of the West. What about living in the middle of the largest trash dump in the Philippines surrounded by 50,000 scavengers, people who live under the poorest conditions and depend on the dump to provide food to eat and building materials for their make-shift houses? That is exactly where Pastor Nemuel and Sister Ruth Palma have chosen to live.

Nemuel pastors the Lighthouse Christian Church while Ruth leads the Tondo Dump Christian Ministry (TDCM), which includes a pre-school and kindergarten of more than 600 students. There are various feeding programs and many other provisions for medical, vocational, and spiritual assistance to those who call the Tondo Dump home. Would YOU please help the Palmas shine a brighter light in this very dark place?

Translators Association of Philippines

Leader: Diolia Galorport

Group: Mag-abmala, Bubed-Kalniga, Madukayong, Kinaray-a, Northern Bubanen, Binukid, Palanan, Ata Manobo, and Lu people groups

Location: Quezon City, Philippines

Of the 163 language groups in the Philippines, 63 do not have a Bible written in their own tongue. In fact, many of these languages do not even have an alphabet! So when one of the approximately 50 missionaries from Translators Association of the Philippines (TAP) enters a new village, he first has to learn the local language and then develop its written form. Only then can he translate the Bible and begin to use Scriptural passages as a “textbook” to teach the people how to read. In addition to their obvious twin emphases on Bible translation and literacy programs, TAP also runs a community-based health care ministry which provides badly-needed medical services to isolated areas.

The Lord has raised up this ministry to fulfill a key niche in the Philippines: bringing the Word of God to every people group in their own language. Contact us today to learn how YOU can help share the Word!

Philippine Gospel Association

Leader: Linda Faith Quemada Balugo

Group: The sick and the poor

Location: Cebu, Philippines

The Philippine Gospel Association (PGA) is a medical missions ministry established in 1963 by Dr. Conrado Quemada. After completing medical school in the Philippines in 1955, Dr. Quemada came to the U.S. to specialize in general, plastic, and reconstructive surgery. After seven years of residency, he could have comfortably settled in America with good pay and prestige. Instead, he chose to take his family back to the Philippines to begin the medical missions work to which God had called him. Until his death in 1995, Dr. Quemada and his wife labored unceasingly, preaching the Gospel and offering free medical services to the suffering poor.

The ministry includes mobile medical and dental outreaches to remote areas; health education on hygiene, nutrition, and disease prevention; and cooperation with local churches for follow-up of new converts. There is also an outreach medical mission at Davao under the leadership of another doctor. In addition, PGA has a thriving prison ministry where the weekly Bible study trains and rehabilitates 400 inmates.

Inspired by their parents’ dedicated service to God, the two Quemada daughters have become missionaries themselves: Cris Quemada-Paurillo, ANM Director of Records and Technical Services, and Dr. Linda Quemada-Balugo, the one to whom Dr. Quiemada “passed the baton” as Medical Missionary Director of PGA. Find out how YOU can be a part of this faithful Christian medical outreach.

Philippine Christian Center

Leader: Ben & Cora Barredo

Group: Filipinos

Location: Negros Occidental, Philippines

The Philippine Christian Center in Negros province, Central Philippines, has one specific goal: to win Filipinos for Christ. Working primarily through mass evangelism programs such as city-wide crusades and rallies, this dynamic ministry has been used by the Lord in winning thousands for Jesus Christ. Under the leadership of Ben and Cora Barredo, both Philippine attorneys, the ministry complements its large-scale evangelistic efforts by pursuing evangelism through various smaller-scale outreaches including: seminars, pastoral conferences, outreaches to remote villages, and camps. Literally hundreds of thousands of teens have come to know the Lord Jesus through its evangelistic outreaches conducted in both public and private high schools. YOU can join your prayers and financial support to reach into the harvest fields of the Philippines.

Mission Ministries Philippines

Living Rock Ministries

Leader: Danny Montes

Group: The Waray people

Location: Samar and Leyte, Philippines

The Warays are a ferocious people group who live on the island of Samar, one of the poorest islands in the Philippines, as well as the least evangelized. One Sunday in April 1975, evangelist Rizzy Montes found himself stranded in a city on Samar Island after conducting a crusade there. He looked for an evangelical church in the city but found none. Then and there, God impressed him with a strong desire to establish a missionary center in the area. Two months later, Rizzy heeded God’s call and returned to Samar to found Living Rock Ministries (LRM), whose aim is to establish churches in every village and town on the islands of Samar and Leyte.

Despite various setbacks, today the ministry has raised up more than 90 pastors and planted nearly 100 churches throughout the region. Yet hundreds of villages are still unreached because they are located in remote areas where there are no roads or transportation available, and where the Communist guerrillas are in control. The ministry also runs a Bible school which has produced many pastors and workers who have since returned to evangelize their own people. At present, Rizzy’s son Danny has succeeded him and oversees the ministry as its leader. The work of God among the Warays maintains its divinely-mandated continuity as it is passed on to the next generation! Danny’s vision is to ensure that there is a church in every village in Samar. YOU can join in the efforts to complete this vision. Contact us to learn more.

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