David and Sarah Ibrahim

Faith Bible Center Trust

Leader: Swapon and Rachel Bose

Group: Church planting in the remaining unreached areas

Location: Bangladesh

In Bangladesh 89.5% of the population is Muslim. Along with the large population of Muslims, there are many other unreached people groups who need to hear the Gospel. To reach these unreached peoples and train others to share the Gospel, Swapon and Rachel Bose started Faith Bible Center. 

Accepting Christ at 17, Swapon had big plans for his life, but God’s plans were even bigger. Swapon and Rachel both felt called to the ministry and attended Discipleship Training Center in Singapore. In 1996 Swapon felt God calling him to go back to Bangladesh and open Faith Bible Center. The center was created to plant churches, train pastors for the newly planted churches, and to provide spiritual growth through conferences and seminars. With many prayers and a lot of faith, Swapon and Rachel created a place that has accomplished all of these goals. Swapon and Rachel have also created other ways to share the Gospel through the center, such as, yearly youth camps, a child sponsorship program, and church schools. They also developed a mission team and opened Faith Bible School. The mission team works throughout Bangladesh. Through this work, FBC has seen many Hindus and Muslims come to know Christ. Faith Bible School seeks to disciple believers so that they can go out and share the Gospel in the world. Many of the students are new believers and have converted from Islam or Hinduism; because of this it is often dangerous for them to attend the school.

Swapon and Rachel are showing the unreached people in Bangladesh the love of Jesus in so many ways. YOU can help Faith Bible Center by praying for Swapon and Rachel, praying that the people of Bangladesh would open their hearts to God, and offering financial support. 

New Life Mission

Leader: Philemon Chhetri

Group: The remaining unreached in Nepal

Location: Nepal

The first legal opening for the Gospel to be proclaimed in Nepal came in 1951. By 1960 there were only 25 baptized believers, but today approximately one million Christians live in this country. This increase is a result of courageous men who feared God more than man. Men like Prem Pradhan, one of Nepal’s earliest pioneer missionaries. New Life Mission (NLM) was started by Prem with the goal of evangelization, church planting, education, and helping poor children. Through NLM’s gospel meetings, conferences, and literature distribution, the Word of God continues to be proclaimed and souls are being saved. More than 150 churches have been planted by the missionary staff, and 40 meeting halls have been constructed. Still, the need remains for over 100 more meeting places. NLM has also established six schools to help provide education for village children, and a short-term Bible School prepares and equips workers to spread the Gospel.

Mentored by brother Prem, Philemon Chetri now serves as the leader of NLM. With experience as an evangelist, Bible teacher, youth leader, and pastor, Philemon continues the work Prem began. Since Prem’s death in 1998, Philemon and his family have faithfully carried out the spiritual and administrative responsibilities of NLM. The ministry has kept its focus on evangelism and has also expanded to include sewing centers and media ministries. A weekly satellite television program reaches the whole country of Nepal, and programs are broadcast on eight FM radio stations. Often found traveling to encourage the many workers involved in NLM, Philemon states, “God has expanded my vision and is continuing to equip me daily to meet these challenges. To God be the glory for the great things He has done!”

YOU can be a part of the great things God is doing in this small country of Nepal. Contact us today to learn more.

Nepal Christian Children Education Foundation

Moravian Church

Himalayan Bible Study Academy

South India Soul Winner Association

Independent Church of India

Covenant Children’s Home

Peniel Gospel Team

Leader: Mammen Joseph

Group: The lost of Northern India

Location: Bagdogra, West Bengal

Born to Roman Catholic parents, initially Mammen Joseph had nothing to do with church or the things of the Lord. Instead his interests lay with politics. While in high school, he became deeply involved in dubious political activities. Knowing of his dealings, a group of Christians in his village fervently prayed for him. Their prayers were answered when Mammen yielded completely to Christ’s unrelenting love and took on the burden for perishing souls in North India.

Following his graduation from Bible college, he moved to Bagdogra, West Bengal. With no financial assistance, he began an outreach preaching the Gospel among fifteen impoverished tribal groups in the area. Stiff opposition came from militant Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, and Animists. As he trudged through the jungles, wild animals also threatened his life. However, the Lord honored Mammen’s efforts, and a spiritual awakening took place. Others soon joined in his ministry and together they became Peniel Gospel Team (PGT). Since then, thousands have come to Christ.

As the need for more pastors and workers arose, PGT founded a Bible Institute of evangelism. Now nearly 200 pastor-evangelists are in the field, and hundreds of village churches and numerous home Bible studies have been established. The Lord has also added the vital ministries of literature distribution, film ministry, adult literacy programs, crusades, seminars, and conventions – all aimed at bringing the lost to Christ and grounding them in the Word. PGT also started the Hebron English Day School to help meet the needs of the area’s children.

The Peniel Gospel Team has been faithful to continue shining as lights in their dark world. Will YOU provide “fuel” to make their lights burn brighter?

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