Evangelical Mission of the Amazon

Center for Ministerial Training Kerigma

The Center for Ministerial Training Kerigma in Venezuela prepares native pastors for church planting and evangelism. The staff and trainees also serve their local community through feeding programs, which have been especially important in Venezuela’s recent economic turmoil.

His Love in Action Ministry

Leader: Carmen Linder

Group: Deaf children and teens, the poor, and disadvantaged children

Location: Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Central America

Have you thanked God lately for your sense of hearing? Thousands of Honduran children live in a reality of silence, isolated by their hearing impairment and inability to communicate. When Carmen Linder gave birth to a deaf daughter, God planted a seed of compassion in her heart for the deaf children of Honduras, many of whom end up in prostitution or struggle with substance abuse or malnutrition. That seed of compassion grew into a lifetime of ministry to the deaf. With limited resources, Carmen believed in an unlimited God who not only called her to do His work of empowering deaf children, but also used the little she had to start His Love in Action Ministry over twenty-four years ago in Tegucigalpa, the capital city of Honduras.

Carmen remembers: Looking back to the beginnings, this seems an impossible task, as all I could see was a group of young people unable to communicate with their parents, friends, and society. They had no skills, no way of communicating with the world around them and very few friends. However, what seemed impossible for men was possible with God.

The His Love in Action School for the Deaf has grown from its initial one-room building with thirty students to a 14-room rented facility educating over sixty students in topics that include: sign language and lip-reading techniques, writing skills, an early intervention program, speech therapy and hearing aids, Bible training, cottage industry jobs, and training in numerous vocational skills. Social services are also provided to its students through a dental and medical clinic, support groups for parents and caregivers, a daily meal, uniforms and transportation money, and a one-room house to serve the most needy of students with the participation of missionary teams.

Through this effective ministry, God is changing lives and working miracles in the hearts of children and families.

Council of Evangelical Churches

Leader: Oscar Hildebrando Vallejo Sanchez

Group: The poor and unreached

Location: Choluteca, Betavara, Baldoquin, and various other places in Honduras

The vision and burden of the Council of Evangelical Churches is to reach the unreached people of Honduras with the gospel of Jesus Christ by evangelizing, planting churches, and making disciples among their native countrymen.

Since 1977, they have planted sixty churches throughout the country. These churches have arisen despite the challenge of the constant migration of workers to other countries for the purpose of obtaining secure jobs.  The pastors of these churches also do “circuit” visits and hold seminars. Special effort is put forth to reach and disciple the children and youth of the area since they are the future of the Honduran Church. The ministry purposefully aims to bring this180 next generation to the feet of Jesus.

Learn how YOU can join in the efforts to reach the remaining unreached of Honduras with the gospel of Christ. Contact us today.

Hope of Life International

Leader: Carlos Vargas

Group: Mayans and other indigenous people

Location: Guatemala

It has been said that man can survive without food for a week, without water for three days, without air for only a few minutes. But without HOPE, he will not survive at all. This is what Hope of Life International is all about: giving hope – the Hope of all nations, Jesus Christ.

Twenty-five years ago, God sent Guatemalan native Carlos Vargas to minister to the Mayan people by starting Hope of Life International. This ministry began with a single outreach to the elderly in 1987. Since its conception, it has grown into an effective and fully functioning humanitarian organization with a 3,000-acre property. Its mission has been to be the helping hands, loving arms, and busy feet of Jesus Christ in the heart of Guatemala as they touch the lives of thousands of orphans. The expanse of the ministry’s outreach includes: rescue missions, feeding programs, community redevelopment projects, educational programs, leadership training, the establishment of indigenous churches, and the building of homes.

Hope of Life International continues to carry out its mission to hear the cry of the hungry and needy as they respond with hope and care, expressing God’s love in tangible ways. Summer volunteer missionary teams have also been coming to serve in sharing the Gospel. Most of all, Christ’s hope has been coming to hearts and changing lives for His glory through the ministry of this love in action.

Learn how YOU can be a part of the action in bringing Christ’s hope to Guatemala. Contact us today for further information.

Fundacion BendiSion

Leader: David and Zita Vasquez

Group: needy children

Location: Izabal, Guatemala City, Guatemala

Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these. (Matthew 19:14)

David and Zita met one Sunday morning at a local church, and their hearts were knit together as they shared an ongoing burden and call to work among children. Their hearts heard the call of Jesus! It was a slow beginning, but their zeal kept growing and they began work in a local orphanage. They called the ministry Fundacion BendiSion (Blessing Foundation). Their outreach went beyond Guatemala City into Izabel, Guatemala.

Currently, they have three Sunday Bible clubs with 185 children in attendance, and God providing, they plan to begin three more in 2013. Besides the Bible teachings, their love for the needy children is shown by providing for their physical needs, including one meal daily for each child. Several of the children are now able to attend school, as well.

Over the years, they have shared their burden for little children with indigenous pediatricians who promote medical clinics together with local dentists and surgeons who join other short-term medical/dental ministries in Guatemala. Their heart’s desire is to also include work among homeless children in providing them not only with food and clothing, but with the life-changing love of Jesus.

Please consider partnering with Fundacion BendiSion. Your prayers, love, and support are greatly needed.

Feed My Lambs

Leader: Melody Wright

Group: street children

Location: Nicaragua

Nicaragua is the largest and the poorest country in Central America. Children struggle to survive by washing cars, selling small items, or simply begging. Swollen tummies from malnutrition are a common sight. Sickness abounds as little ones suffer and die when no one cares enough to make a difference. The hope of a prosperous future is not the hope of these beautiful children.

It was into this atmosphere that Melody and Tim Wright stepped. While they had originally thought of adopting one of these street children, unbeknownst to them, God was already at work using their love for these precious little ones to lead them to adopt not just one, but four native children. Partnering with Yesenia and Peter Tigchelaar, a native Nicaraguan couple, the Wrights began serving the least of these children. Thus, Feed My Lambs Ministry was born.

Feed My Lambs provides a hot meal for approximately 200 children twice a week while Bible lessons are taught. Through these evangelistic efforts, many children have come to salvation in Jesus and are now effective witnesses within their communities. The ministry also reaches out to provide hope for young girls at risk for prostitution, pregnancy, and disease. Often solicited by their own families as a means of money for food, alcohol, or drugs, these girls are instead given an invitation to live a productive life in Christ.

Children are frequently found without adequate clothing or food, suffering because their basic needs cannot be met. _My clothing today is a box,_ sighed a boy after finding a cardboard box he was forced to wear in humiliation of having no clothes. Medical help is also a blessing to children with respiratory problems, skin conditions, flu symptoms, parasites and more. Families with special needs receive extra help with food boxes, while mothers and children are provided vitamins and folic acids at the feeding center.

YOU can help feed the spiritual and physical hunger of God’s lambs in Nicaragua. Contact us today to get involved with this effective ministry.

Segadores Missionary Movement

In 1963, P. became the catalyst for birthing Segadores (translated “Reapers”) Missionary Movement with the vision of helping the evangelical churches of Peru take the Gospel to the unreached peoples of the Amazon region. It remains Segadores’ goal to plant indigenous churches there for the glory of God and to promote unity between foreign and native missionaries in this work.

A Peruvian-grown missionary kid and bible school graduate, P. engaged in two summers of literature evangelism among the jungle tribes before becoming an official citizen and later marrying M., daughter of American missionaries. P. then began dedicating his life to discipling native missionaries through Segadores’ cross-cultural training program.

Segadores challenges the churches of Peru to pray for its unreached peoples and to back the missionaries whom God is sending forth. The production of prayer cards, films, and multimedia presentations help equip them. Missionary and pastoral training is then provided for those whom God is calling into the tribal communities.

The ministry also monitors real-time conditions of native communities in order to keep accurate updates for use in promoting prayer and sending forth missionaries. Friendly relations with the communities are also sought so missionaries can more easily work there. After learning the language and culture, missionaries then evangelize and form indigenous churches that express biblical Christianity according to their own tribal context. Health aid and education is also provided by missionary teams.

Outreach to children includes special activities to help missionary children understand and appreciate the work of their parents, while ministry to children from poverty-stricken areas of Lima includes the teaching of God’s Word on Saturdays and the serving of food. In addition, native children in villages are taught the Word of God, given social help, and teachers are prepared for ministry in tribal villages.

Contact us today to learn how YOU can get involved in taking the Gospel into the unreached areas of Peru.

Seedtime & Harvest Ministries

Leader: Philip Tolman

Group: unreached groups

Location: Tepic and Xalisco in the state of Nayarit; San Pedro and Torreon in the state of Coahuila; and other parts of Mexico

David and Elizabeth Tolman started Seedtime and Harvest Ministries in response to the great need they saw for developing more indigenous ministries in world missions. Having been forced to leave South Africa in the 1960s due to apartheid, they sorrowfully watched mission station after mission station being burned by the “rebels” but noticed that the indigenous churches were left alone. From this experience, Seedtime and Harvest Ministries was born with the express goal of developing indigenous works and indigenous missions in a unique way.

Presently located in Mexico, there are two main centers. In the North, they are based in San Pedro, Coahuila, where Stephen and his wife Marcela live. They are joined in ministry by Donald Kamese, a Ugandan missionary who is working in Mexico. The work there has been based in evangelizing the “lower end” of society, those who live as outcasts due to their addictions, cartel work, or abandonment by absent parents. These people are won through rehab centers, soccer programs, education programs, and social assistance. They are subsequently discipled and sent out into ministry according to their personal capacity and the help of the Lord. The ministry is now in the process of sending forth missionaries from Latin America to the rest of the world.

In southwest Mexico, the ministry is based in the city of Tepic where Philip and his wife Lucy live. They have developed many works in the villages and cities over the years. Their philosophy of missions is to constantly work oneself out of a job, so they are continually starting new outreaches. Once developed, these works are handed over to a local ministry. In addition, Philip directs the only Christian school in the state of Nayarit and also oversees Rios de Agua Viva Ministry Training Center. Hundreds of ministers and pastors have graduated from this hands-on training program and are now in active ministry..

God has proven faithful in bringing the light of the Gospel to Mexico through His servants as they toil to reap a harvest of souls — one village at a time. We join our praises with them in proclaiming, “God has done it — He has done it all!”

And He continues to do so. Will you join them in this harvest?

Christ to the Unreached Tribes

Leader: Helman and Rosalba Ocampo

Group: unreached tribes

Location: Colombia, South America

Thirty-five years ago, God burdened the hearts of Helman and Rosalba Ocampo to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ to the tribal peoples of their native country Colombia, South America. This vision was first birthed through their regular trips to the Amazon tribes, and for the next fifteen years, as Helman continued to visit these indigenous people, he prayed for God to give him a special strategy of evangelization. During that long period of time, he became frustrated because he had not been able to plant a church anywhere. Indeed, he felt as though he had wasted his time trying.

Then, as Helman relates, “One day God showed me the strategy He had given to His apostles: In Matthew 28:19–20, Jesus said, ‘Go and make disciples,’ and so, I understood that I needed to make disciples.” He realized this was God’s way of training the new believers he discipled so they would, in turn, go preach the Word of God in their own indigenous dialect.

And so it was that the ministry of Crisalinco opened the Bible School and Training/Teaching Ministry to encourage new leaders to return to their tribes, discipling and planting churches in their respective language groups. Following this strategy, 70 new churches were founded in 13 different languages. By 2012, the number had increased to 260 congregations in 30 dialects.

Crisalinco has since initiated VISION 15/500. They are boldly trusting God that by the year 2015 all the remaining unreached tribes will have been evangelized and organized into 500 new churches.

Since that challenge, there has been escalating persecution and violence from unbelievers among the evangelized tribes. Consequently, it has become difficult to access some unreached people groups. Will YOU help the Ocampos realize their God-glorifying vision by praying and giving?