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International Evangelism Ministries

Leader: Charles and Nina Hoblitz

Group: the remaining unreached Georgians, the rural poor, and national leaders

Location: Republic of Georgia

Under the encouragement and leadership of American missionaries Charles and Nina Hoblitz an effective church-planting movement has begun in the tiny republic of Georgia. Evangelistic outreach, leadership training, and church-planting is coupled with practical care for the poor, especially in rural villages. All this takes place amidst considerable poverty and a looming Russian takeover of the country.

Charles and Nina’s are overjoyed to see Georgian leaders steadily take more ownership and responsibility for the work. ANM has sent a shipping container with supplies and two cars, which already have many many miles on them! Join the efforts to reach this country with the Gospel of Christ!

New Hope Moldova

Leader: Oleg and Marina Reutki

Group: orphans, children, and families

Location: Moldova

A ministry founded to serve the churches of Moldova, New Hope Moldova has been especially effective at rescuing children. Forced to leave government orphanages at age 14 without education or job skills, many of these children end up on the streets, or worse.

New Hope combines outreach to orphanages, training for families in local churches on taking these young people into their homes, and construction of transition homes in which boys and girls can live until they finish high school. Drama teams from the New Hope homes have won national competitions performing Christian dramas. Without the intervention of this ministry, many of these children fall victim to sexual trafficking or gang influence. New Hope mobilizes the church to serve these neglected young ones.

Won’t YOU help save the children of Moldova? Contact us to see how you can be a part of this faithful ministry.

Open Doors Christian Camp

Leader: Stanislav Volosiuk

Group: children, teens, young adults, and pastors

Location: Ukraine

A former communist youth camp facility now reaches children, teens, and young adults for Christ. Helped by sponsorship from American friends and churches, Stanislav Volosiuk and his coworkers throw open the camp’s doors in summer and winter to unreached children, many of whom live in orphanages or training schools. Stanislav and the other camp workers not only lead young people to Christ, they connect them to local churches and guide them into suitable careers.

In addition, the camp hosts Christian leadership conferences with participants from multiple denominations, contributing to evangelical unity. Its location near Ukraine’s borders with both Belarus and Russia  means leaders from those countries can participate in larger conferences, which are not allowed in Belarus. The camp also has cabins available at very low rates for poor Ukrainian and Russian pastors who could not otherwise afford a vacation.

ANM attempts to send a construction team every year so the camp can keep expanding the number of people it serves. Contact us about joining a team and helping to build the kingdom of God in Ukraine.

New Testament Churches (Russian Church of 
Evangelical Christians of New Testament Faith)

Leader: Edward Grabavenko

Group: the remaining unreached Russians

Location: Russia

One of the largest Russian Protestant denominations is the New Testament Churches. Under the dynamic leadership of Senior Bishop Edward Grabavenko, this ministry launched an initiative in 2010 aimed at starting 10,000 new church congregations in Russia by 2020. Huge Russia stretches over eleven time zones and presently has more than 130,000 cities, towns, and villages with no church. Russian believers volunteer a year or more of their lives, at no salary, to serve on church-planting evangelistic teams. Every year, more believers catch the vision and volunteer.

As of 2012, more than 1000 new congregations had been started, and the denomination’s Bible School has provided leadership for them. Because the missionaries serve without pay, only receiving food and lodging, the cost is a minimal $40 per month per missionary. That means every American family can put a Russian missionary in the field. A missionary who is called and sent to people who have never before heard the Good News.

Won’t YOU consider hosting a missionary today? Contact us to learn more about this opportunity to take the Gospel to the remaining unreached in Russia.

Moscow Evangelical Seminary

Leader: Alexander Tsutserov

Group: students called to ministry from all parts of the former Soviet Union

Location: Moscow, Russia

Among the several theological training centers which sprang up in Russia after the fall of communism, the Moscow Evangelical Seminary stands out from others. It is fully accredited by the government, which means it can accept students from any part of Russia, and even from other parts of the former Soviet Union. In addition, it is the only such accredited school which has been approved by all the various Protestant groups in Russia to train workers. Almost all its graduates are in full-time ministry, most of them serving as missionary church-planters.

Sasha, the director, navigates the difficulties of modern Russia with good cheer. This is the season to train workers for the harvest in Russia! Won’t YOU join us in their efforts? Contact us today to learn more.

Christ Resurrection Ministries

Leader: Hari and Penka Atanasov

Group: Muslim and Roma communities

Location: Bulgaria

Christ Resurrection Ministries focuses their efforts on the Muslim and Turkish-speaking Roma communities of the Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria. The nearly one million Muslims of this area have been an unreached people group for hundreds of years. Now small Christian congregations are springing up among them. These new congregations mostly meet in homes, though there is an emerging need for rooms big enough to host all the believers in a community.

Integral to the success of this movement from its beginning has been training new believers in sharing their faith with family and friends, and testimonies of changed lives abound. One such testimony concerns a couple who came to faith. The husband wanted to share Christ with the wife’s mother, but the wife feared doing so. Later, though, when her mother was hospitalized with a serious condition, the wife took courage and shared the message of salvation with her. Much to the daughter’s surprise, her mother accepted the Lord!

Hari and Penka, the ministry directors, are also outstanding artists. They produced the first-ever illustrated Bulgarian Bible. Contact us if you’d like to see their amazing artwork, or perhaps support their ministry by purchasing their beautiful creations.

Bulgarian Mission Outreach

Leader: Ivan (Doncho) Ivanov

Group: Bulgarian and Gypsy communities

Location: Bulgaria

Bulgarian Mission Outreach is responsible for widespread church-planting across southern Bulgaria, beginning before the fall of communism and accelerating ever since. Its missionaries have been particularly effective at planting churches in Roma communities.

If you love to worship, visit a Roma church in Bulgaria! Contact us to learn how you can be a part of taking the Gospel to the Roma people, or even join us on a trip to meet these dear believers firsthand!

Balkan Institute for Faith and Culture

Leader: Kosta and Nada Milkov

Group: government, business, and university leaders

Location: The Balkan states

One of the challenges in promoting the Gospel in the former Yugoslavia is cultural resistance based on ignorance of the Gospel. The Balkan Institute for Faith and Culture arranges for Christian symposia in which government, business, and university leaders are exposed to the testimonies of Christian believers who are acknowledged experts in their respective fields. Some of these leaders have become Christians, and all have interacted with evangelical Christians from a different perspective thereafter.

The Institute for Faith and Culture demonstrates to participants that Biblical Christianity is not only relevant for today, it is essential to a healthy society. Please pray for the breaking down of deep-seated misunderstandings about the Gospel among this region’s leaders.

Contact us to learn how YOU can engage in this effective ministry.

Evangelical Church of Macedonia

Leader: M. Andreev, Marino Mojtic

Group: the remaining unreached Macedonians

Location: Macedonia

The Gospel first came to this ancient land in modern times through a Macedonian who was converted in a Greek jail nearly 100 years ago. But when Macedonia became an independent country in 1991, there were only a dozen evangelical churches in the country. Hard work by Macedonian missionaries has led to 35 new congregations since then, and the pace of new church planting is increasing. One recent breakthrough has been the building of Macedonia’s first evangelical Bible school, where native workers can be trained without disconnecting them from their home congregations. A major effort is planned for this year to use radio, billboards, text messages, and Twitter to saturate Skopje, the capital city, with the Gospel.

The greatest ongoing need is support for the missionaries planting new churches. Would YOU consider partnering with these workers to reach the unreached people of Macedonia? Contact us today to learn how.

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