The Children of Center of Good News in Ghana

Unreached Peoples Mission

Leader: Williams Wilson Yindi

Group: the remaining unreached peoples of Tanzania and Zimbabwe

Location: Tanzania, Zimbabwe

There are no coincidences in the Christian life. So when Williams Yindi met a man named Charles whose common search for God’s will brought them both atop Prayer Mountain in Tanzania, it was a divine appointment. After five days of fasting and prayer, God gave both of them a vision to start the Unreached People’s Mission together. This ministry now supports 41 full-time native missionaries and is training many more in its six-month Discipleship Mission Training School. The graduates of this school, now numbering more than 65, move on to evangelize their respective ethnic groups. Since 1992, more than 80 churches have been planted by them.

The ministry also reaches out to offer instruction in eight different vocational skills that can be used for livelihood. Many native missionaries who have acquired training in these new skills become assets to their respective communities, opening many more doors to share the message of salvation.

Although the Gospel has been preached in Tanzania for over 100 years, the villages in the Bush remain virtually ignored and unreached. Yet Williams continues to reach out to these ethnic groups including orphans, widows, drug addicts, and prostitutes. “No test, no testimony! is the principle by which Williams lives by – and his testimony continues to grow. Indeed, from all the tests, oppression, and persecution by unbelievers, the light of God and His Gospel shines brightly through this outstanding ministry giving proof of His unfailing love and saving power every day in East Africa.

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Family Impact Ministries

Leader: Tom and Hellen Malande

Group: families, youth, schools, HIV/AIDS victims

Location: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria, Sudan, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa

Strong families lead to a strong society, and a strong society builds a strong nation. Conversely, a breakdown in families leads to the breakdown of societies and the eventual downfall of a nation. The epidemic spread of HIV/AIDS in Kenya a decade ago, when 700 people died daily, was viewed by Tom and Hellen Malande as a consequence of a breakdown in families. With a God-given vision to build these basic units of society and thereby affect long-term life change among youth and others, the Malandes went about communicating values rooted in the character of God and promoting a passion for Christ.

Launching Family Impact Ministries in 2002, the Malandes and their co-workers labored in partnership with churches, schools, Christian organizations, community-based groups, and the corporate community to provide dynamic programs to strengthen individuals and communities. As Tom states, “Our people need to be empowered with godly values about marriage and family life.”

Family Impact Ministries strives to fulfill Tom’s words by seeking the health and well-being of the people as they empower them to participate in the decisions that affect their lives. The ministry works toward developing the people’s self-respect for their own civil and political liberties, providing protection for the vulnerable and disadvantaged, and equipping them to rebuild relationships and stay faithful to their spouses as they love and cherish their children. The ministry accomplishes this through the production of training and equipping materials, holding teaching seminars in life skills, and equipping pastors and their churches to fight HIV and AIDS, thereby reducing the stigma associated with the disease and bringing hope to those suffering from it.

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Cornerstone Evangelistic Ministries

Leader: Timothy Kinyua

Group: the remaining unreached tribes of Kenya

Location: Kenya

Could lives truly be changed through a gospel tract? John and Martha Kirema believed so, not because of the tract itself but because of the gospel message of Jesus Christ which it contained. Launching Cornerstone Evangelistic Ministries in 1973, the Kiremas distributed gospel tracts while evangelizing twenty-one unreached tribes in Kenya, a country of 33,000,000 people. Three years later, 10,000 tribal men, women, and children turned to Jesus Christ.

The same year John and Martha birthed this ministry, they also gave birth to a son named Timothy. Growing up in a preacher’s family, Timothy trusted in Christ at a young age. He also drew close to his dad, listening to his messages and accompanying him to crusades. In 1997, after graduating from college and becoming gainfully employed, Timothy quit his job to serve God full-time with the ministry. Upon his dad’s death in 1999, young Timothy ably took over leadership.

In 2012 alone, the ministry reported
– eight new churches planted
– two youth camps held
– 487 villages visited with the Gospel
– the “Jesus” film screened in three public schools and two villages
– $4,000-worth of food relief distributed to six northern villages
– 17,000 Gospel tracts and pamphlets given to students
– 16 new pastors joined the mission
– one well dug in the North,
– 22 Bible study groups established
– 28 public schools visited with the Gospel
– one prison visited
– 2,210 individuals placed their faith in Christ

Truly God is moving! But with the rejoicing, there are also times of struggle. Sixteen churches closed down for lack of security due to terrorist attacks, and four pastors left the mission to receive appointments in their respective communities. Clearly, there is a battle raging for the souls of Kenya.

Learn how YOU can partner in the battle to extend God’s kingdom boundaries throughout this African nation.

Army of Christ Mission

Leader: Petro K.E. Aziato

Group: People groups of Togo

Location: Togo, West Africa

Although forced to leave his native country of Togo to live in Ghana, Petro Aziato never lost his burden for the people of his native land. Petro committed his life to Jesus Christ at the age of fifteen, and with the heart of an evangelist, he shared the gospel with everyone he met in the French and English schools he attended in Ghana.

At the age of twenty-three, Petro visited Togo and saw firsthand the plight of preachers who were thrown in jail for the Gospel’s sake. Undeterred, he forsook his life in Ghana, returned to Togo to attend Bible college, and for the next sixteen years planted churches in the north and south of Togo. His burden for lost souls continued to grow as thousands of his unsaved countrymen died from AIDS, war, and political turmoil.

In 1997, Petro founded the Army of Christ in Mission, an interdenominational evangelistic and social-humanitarian association that seeks to serve the Body of Christ, assisting local churches in their endeavors. The ministry trains and organizes native missionaries into evangelistic teams that take the gospel to unreached villages before planting churches in their midst. These teams hold crusades and film viewings, distribute literature, and produce videos. The ministry also broadcasts the message of Christ via television and radio. In addition, conferences, seminars, and workshops are held to train church leaders, while prayer retreats are held to intercede for the unreached people.

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Bible Church of Africa

Group: Muslims, animists, unreached people groups of Ghana

Location: Greater Accra Region in South Ghana, West Africa

The Bible Church of Africa has a daunting task before them as they reach out to the remaining unreached people groups of the Kasena, Frafra, Bulsa, Dagomba, Sisala, Mamprusi, Koma and other communities which have migrated from northern Ghana and settled in the South. Many of these people groups are followers of Islam, while others are animists and spiritists. Ethnic prejudice against these northerners is one of the major reasons for the indifference and apathy among the almost 21,000 churches in southern Ghana. Only 90 of them, particularly in the Brong Ahafo and Volta regions, have outreach ministries to these communities. The Bible Church of Africa, along with nine other kindred-spirit churches, are in the capital city of Accra evangelizing in Greater Accra and Kumasi.

Their vision is to plant a church among every people group, sharing the genuine love of Christ with these often-despised northerners. As this ministry demonstrates a fervent obedience to the Great Commission of our Lord, let us get behind them, encouraging them as they show to other churches in southern Ghana what it means to be compelled by God’s love in reaching the remaining unreached.

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Chad for Christ

Leader: Ngarndeye Bako

Group: The remaining unreached, widows and orphans, and Darfur refugees

Location: Southern Chad

Chad for Christ began in 2004 when Chadean pastor and evangelist Ngarndeye Bako sent out a Macedonian Call to the American Church to “come over and help us.”

Chad has been a neglected country with very few resources and extremely difficult living conditions due to its harsh climate, poverty, and an unstable government. We at ANM are partnering with Pastor Baco and Chad for Christ to reach the unreached people groups in Chad through many forms of outreach including: rescuing orphans and widows; training and equipping young pastors; supporting native missionaries; and offering aid to refugees. In addition, Pastor Bako also oversees a very successful, annual Chad for Christ campaign where he mobilizes churches to travel throughout the country in evangelistic efforts to bring the love of Christ to unreached areas.

YOU can help this ministry by praying and giving either one time or monthly support for any of the following:
(1) orphan and widow support
(2) support for Bible School students
(3) support for native missionaries,
(4) support the churches’ efforts to aid the Darfur refugees who have fled to Chad to avoid being killed by the Sudanese government

Workers for Christ International Ministries

Leader: Michael Holder

Group: the remaining unreached, Liberian Senate

Location: Liberia, West Africa

Ministry founder? Mission school teacher, registrar, cashier, administrator? Evangelist? Church planter? Assistant pastor? Chaplain General of the Senate of the Republic of Liberia, West Africa? Michael Holder is all of the above. But most of all, he is a humble servant of God. This modern-day Daniel is serving in the high levels of his country’s government while reaching out both to the masses and to individuals with the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In 1996, Michael was serving as one of the assistant pastors at a local church in Monrovia. God saw his faithfulness, opened doors, and used him to begin the Workers for Christ International Ministries. Composed of a team of young men, this ministry was initially tasked with clearing major roads of debris and obstacles brought on by civil war. Through the years, it grew into a vibrant, evangelistic, gospel-singing humanitarian organization, ministering to both the spiritual as well as the physical needs of West Africans. The team’s message was one of encouragement in Christ — issuing the reminder that all was not lost, despite the war. As a way of uplifting their countrymen, they also opened Christ Community Mission, a school for war orphans. Later, out of this single academy, several more schools were established throughout many parts of Liberia.

Then God opened yet another door when Michael became Chaplain General of the Liberian Senate. Through this venue, he saw national leaders with Muslim backgrounds become Christians. As Chaplain General, he also oversees more than 200 chaplains serving in the Supreme Court, National Police, National Fire Bureau, National Security and National Immigration offices. Truly God has opened doors and allowed Michael to walk through them bearing his heavenly Father’s favor for the furtherance of the Gospel in West Africa. 

What doors are YOU willing to walk through to share His love with others?

Back to the Bible Truth Evangelical Team

Leader: Alex Mitala

Group: widows, orphans, church leaders, pastors, and youth

Location: Uganda

At the age of 20, drug dealer Alex Mitala was lying on his deathbed when he began to hear a mysterious voice. The voice continued for three days, admonishing Alex to be saved or he would “surely die.” Following a miraculous recovery from this illness, Alex was led by the Lord to a church where he placed his faith in Jesus Christ. This encounter in 1971 was just the beginning of a radically changed life. Five years later, during the violent rule of Idi Amin, Alex was smuggling Gospel literature to the Ugandan underground church. No longer a drug dealer, but an outlaw still – only this time Alex was an outlaw for Christ!

Alex planted three churches in Kenya before beginning the ministry of Back to the Bible Truth Evangelistic Team in Uganda. Through this ministry, 157 churches were planted and hundreds of pastors were trained in its Fishers of Men Permanent School of Ministry theological center. By God’s grace, Alex now preaches on two radio stations and one television station every week.

The ministry has also started the Glory of Virginity Movement which teaches premarital abstinence to youth, a vital message for a country where 40% of its citizens test HIV-positive. Seeing the thousands of widows and orphans left in the wake of the carnage of political upheavals, classes to teach literacy, health, and tailoring were also begun. In addition, the Good Samaritan Orphanage Center was opened to provide education for the 1,340 children whom it now clothes and feeds.

Having acquired more land, the ministry has also begun a farming venture, raising multiple crops as a food source and thereby sustaining up to 40% of its ministry needs and expenses. YOU can help them become 100% self-propagating by getting involved in advancing the Kingdom of God in Uganda.

Adatura Research Publications and Peacemakers Team

Leader: Dr. Rockybell Adatura

Group: Muslims, African traditionalists and animists in Dagomba, Hausa, Gonja, Mamprusi, Wala, Nabt, Talega, and in the three northern regional capitals of Bolgatanga, Wa, and Tamale

Location: Ghana

Formerly a champion boxer and devoted Muslim, 22-year-old Rockeybell Adatura encountered Jesus after a failed suicide attempt in 1970. God continued to capture his heart throughout the following four years as he meticulously compared the Bible against the Qur’an. This research prepared him to become a leading evangelist and Christian author in Ghana today.

The Adatura Research Publications ministry began in 1984 as Rockeybell reached out to Muslims and African traditionalists and animists. By 1988, he had published six books, all delving into the hearts and minds of Muslims to answer tough questions about Christianity. Dr. Adatura also started two Christian radio programs—“XRISTOMUS” and “Grace and Truth”—both of which have yielded tremendous fruit. At least ten daily phone calls or faxed letters request follow-up materials or counseling. In a country where converting from Islam to Christianity is met with strong disapproval, God has been using radio to proclaim His love. Immediately after converting, new believers are provided safe locations away from their Islamic environments. There they learn discipleship and, by God’s grace, many saved ex-Muslims have now become ardent church leaders, pastors, and Bible teachers.

Rockybell also launched “The Peacemaker” radio program which reaches three regional capitals (Islamic hotbeds) in northern Ghana. In addition, God has opened other venues of evangelism such as a literacy program in rural communities and outreaches to prepare young people to take the BECE (entrance exams to senior high school).

To think that God has been doing all this through a ministry that still has no permanent office nor a radio station of its own! Dr. Adatura is now calling out to brethren all over, “Come partner with us as we trust God for a ‘home’ finally.”

Will YOU answer his call?