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Ati Tribes Missions

Serving the underprivileged Ati aborigines in the Philippines


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About This Cause

Rogelio (Roger) Elosendo, an Ati tribal, came to know the Lord through the ministry of a visiting evangelist in his community. Rogelio later attended Bible school and prayed for God’s direction in his life. Having grown up in poverty, however, he told God he did not want to be a pastor and survive on a pastor’s meager salary. One night he felt an excruciating pain in his stomach and could hardly breathe. Fearing for his life, he prayed for God’s mercy and vowed to serve him fully. Thus began the birth of a ministry vision given to Rogelio during his Bible school days – the ministry of Ati Tribes Mission (ATM).

Organized in 1993, ATM seeks to bring the Gospel to the Ati people, poor and illiterate Filipino aborigines. Five churches have been established so far in five of the 22 target areas. It is ATM’s vision to see all the remaining 17 Ati villages reached with the Gospel. Would YOU consider partnering with Rogelio and his team to reach the rest of these tribes?

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