South Asia

Ministry Through Tears

Sister C. is from Bangladesh. She was born into a Hindu family and spent her childhood immersed in Hindu culture. She was married in 2006 and moved to her father-in-law’s house. She heard about Jesus in 2007 for the first time. After a few years of struggling with poor teaching, she started to read her Bible daily in 2011. In 2012 she had daily Bible study with the pastor of a church and became a Christian. Her husband has not become a Christian, which has caused strife and many struggles in her marriage.  Her husband drinks and beats her and the children. She left her husband last week to go live with her mother. He has sent word to her that he wants her to come back to him if she will leave her Christian faith. She says she will never leave her faith or go back to the house. She has been praying for 4 years for her husband and his family to get saved. They have persecuted her, beaten her, and refused to help her and the children.

During all of this trouble she has ministered to children and women. She has helped start a children’s hostel, visited people in various villages to share the Gospel, and shared the Gospel with the Bormon, Mandai, and Koch people in her area. She has not let the troubles in her family discourage her from sharing the love of Jesus with people in her region.

Sister C. was able to attend a ministers conference sponsored by Advancing Native Missions. This is a conference held to encourage people in ministry. She says, “Thanks to my Lord that He gave the opportunity for our ministry to organize a leadership conference  and I was lucky to join in this conference and be blessed very much. It is my first experience to join such a big international conference like this.”

Would you like to encourage this lady missionary? Prayer is so important when ministry is happening. She has requested that we pray for her to reach her husband with the Gospel. Her heart’s desire is to minister with him. She desires to have strength, wisdom, patience, and power to overcome the difficult situation with her husband and his family. She is asking for prayer that she would be able to win her husband’s family to the Lord. She needs financial support for the children’s hostel. Would you consider giving to help her and her family to have their basic needs met as she goes out to minister?

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