minorities in china

Ministry Prepares to Reach Minorities in China

“Chinese missionaries desperately need cross-cultural training,” one Chinese mission leader lamented. Surprisingly, he referred to Chinese missionaries working within China.

By Andrew Needham

China is home to 544 people groups, distinct populations each with its own language and culture. Only 100 of these have a strong Christian presence, and the lion’s share of the astounding church growth in China in the last century occurred among the majority Han people. Few missionary ventures prioritized minority peoples.

One ministry in China aims to change this by providing resources and training for Chinese missionaries willing to work among unreached minorities. Though their native cultures differ, enough common ground exists to make these missionaries potentially effective.

A stream of textbook translations is underway, which will form the foundation of future training seminars and courses. Ministry leaders are praying for funds to pay more translators.

“Ultimately, this will be a key part of the entire Chinese missionary movement,” the ministry’s leader said. As the Chinese church mobilizes to reach their fellow Chinese people, the country will transform from a mission field to a mission force.

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