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Michigan Group Mobilizes to Help Syrian Refugees

Over 5.4 million registered refugees have left Syria since 2011 according to the UNHCR. That’s almost ¼ of the country leaving due to a long and deadly civil war. Over 600,000 of these refugees have ended up in Jordan, just south of Syria. With the largest refugee camps outgrowing some of the most populous cities in the country, the long-term impact of this war on this region is unfathomable.

However, God is always at work in the most desperate of situations. He has equipped ANM to send 30 shipping containers of relief to our partners in Jordan. Countless souls have been impacted by these amazing ministers of God’s grace. Still, the Lord is not done feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, encouraging the helpless and calling His children to Himself! There is more work to be done as this crisis continues for many millions of people who are starving for both physical and spiritual food.

Sometimes it is difficult to imagine how we can help people hurting so far away from us. Yet, through ANM, God is using many around the country to be a blessing. I’d like to share one of their stories: Behind the Scenes Ministries, in Commerce, Michigan, learned about our partners serving refugees in Jordan, and began collecting for a future ANM shipment to them. They brought together local churches to help, and soon they had enough to load it up and bring it down to us in Virginia.

Their crew left at 5 a.m. to travel to Virginia and help us unload everything in ANM’s warehouse. Their loving donations will go on our next shipment to Jordan and help many find true hope. Behind the Scenes’ example shows us that it does not matter if we are an 11-hour drive away or half a world away, we can all give to help the least of these, in Jesus’s Name.

Check out Behind the Scenes’ video about their collection here! Also, take a look at our current collection lists to join ANM in helping other hurting people in places like Israel and Iraq.

You can collect too! Check our current lists and get your church, family, or school involved.

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