Matching Opportunity for Missionary Support

Yesterday (Giving Tuesday), believers raised more than $73,000 for local churches and ministries worldwide through individual fundraisers and matched donations on Facebook. 

The matching money Facebook offered ran out early, but a generous partner of ANM is still matching gifts to equip local ministries, up to $150,000.

Here’s one example of what these funds accomplish in 80 countries around the world:

Two months ago the chief of a small village in Baringo County, Kenya, started following Jesus. Pastor Paul, a local Kenyan missionary from Cornerstone Evangelistic Ministries, had been visiting the village and showing the Jesus Film in the local Pokot language.

Over the next few weeks, 42 more people from the village became believers. Just a few days ago, missionaries from Cornerstone helped them complete construction on a rudimentary church building. This past Sunday the church worshiped in the building for the first time. In December Cornerstone will deliver Bibles to the believers so they can read the good news and grow in their faith.

Does that make you smile? I think it’s miraculous. And this isn’t an isolated occurrence. Through your gifts this year you helped Cornerstone equip 196 church planters around Kenya, just like Pastor Paul. Together we also helped them dig two wells and care for dozens of orphaned children in loving Christian homes. And more.

So you can see why we at ANM were thrilled thinking that this story could be repeated over and over again in places around the world because of those gifts.

Make double the impact here.

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