ministry stories from Mexico's cartel land

Life-Changing Ministry in Mexico’s Cartel Land

As of January 2017, we are publishing “full-length” conversations (about 30 minutes long) on the Advancing Native Missions Podcast. We will still produce a short, 5–7 minute “highlight” version. You can find both on the Podcast page of our website. We hope you will enjoy the longer conversations on your walk, run, drive…or whenever you find yourself needing encouragement and inspiration.

Stephen Tolman is convinced that God spreads His kingdom through people who are willing and available. Raised by missionary parents who moved their family to Mexico when he was eleven years old, Stephen has witnessed how God changes hearts and lives when people serve out of love and faithfully preach His word.  This month’s podcast centers on both his life story and the diverse ministry he and his wife Marcella currently lead. Even in towns dominated by Mexico’s fearsome drug cartels, God is renewing lives.

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