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“I Learned of the Need, I Had the Wool, and So I Just Did It.”

At 94, Nancy Nading knits shawls for a ministry at her church in Winston Salem. After Nancy visited ANM several times with Louise, her daughter, it was suggested that she make hats to go overseas.

     By Sue Morris

Nancy has a great love of children, so she was delighted to make the hats. Louise picked up a copy of knitting instructions from the sewing center at ANM for her to use. When Nancy got home, she went through her stash of yarn and got started.

The next time Louise went to visit her mom, there was a surprise waiting for her. She told me, “It was her, (Nancy’s), great delight to spread them on the double bed at her home in anticipation of my being surprised. Four of the hats sat atop the posts of the bed and the rest were distributed on the bedspread. They looked like colorful mushrooms sprouting up.”

Louise realized her mom had completed 15 knitted hats for the ANM warehouse to send overseas. She had been knitting one hat per day to have the lovely display ready to surprise Louise. Nancy stated, “No big deal on those hats. I just made them because you said there was a need, I had the yarn and it was fun to see how the colors turned out.”

Do you want to do something to bless people overseas? God has given you gifts you can use to be a blessing to people in need. Maybe you love to sew. Or you like to knit or crochet. We have suggestions for sewing and knitting projects on the ANM website. There is a real need for blankets, clothes, hats, scarves, and mittens for ministry partners overseas to distribute to people in need.

Check out our sewing page to find projects you can do. Be a blessing and be blessed.

Sue Morris is a part time staff member of Advancing Native Missions and part of the ANM International Women’s Ministries team.


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