jesus healed the leper

As Jesus Healed the Leper…

From the beginning the Lord called us to be there for the outcast and unwanted wherever he placed us. So we have always aimed to do what others found difficult, finding the people on the edges of society and serving them.

By missionary staff

In our city, there are three colonies for leprosy victims. Clearly that’s who God had in mind for us. Rain or shine, we strive to visit each colony three times a week. Ministry leaders and local believers take responsibility for different activities…take responsibility for the needs of their neighbors.

On Wednesdays, older couples in the colonies, believers in the Lord, host gatherings for Bible study and discussion. One of our team members leads the meetings.

On Saturdays another of our staff, a certified nurse, takes a group of young ladies to care for the wounds and other health needs of the residents. Of course, they also pray for and converse with those who are sick. It is often an emotional time.

Sundays are slightly different: the residents open up their homes to the young children of the surrounding slums. Many of these are from Muslim families. So young people hear about the Love of Jesus, sing worship songs, and play games, enjoying it all in the presence of these young disciples from the colonies. Even the sick begin the new week on a happier note after this.

Jesus healed the leper who came across His path. He placed us as neighbors near these leper communities. Where has God placed you? Who are your neighbors and what needs do they have?

This update comes from our missionary partners in South Asia. Locations and names are omitted to protect their work.

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