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Israeli Messianic Believers Provide Aid for Ukraine

A 90-year-old Holocaust survivor living in Israel recently said, “What is happening in Ukraine is all too familiar. It brings back the bombing raids, running for my life, and living with hordes of people in one room with unsanitary conditions. With all my heart I want to help as much as I can.” She has packed relief supplies and contributed financially from her meager pension. She is not the only person who is trying to relieve those suffering in Ukraine.

Generous ANM donors have empowered Jewish believers also to bring aid and comfort. Just as Jesus provided relief for the sick and hungry, these believers have handed out aid indiscriminately — and prayed that God’s love would touch them all.

When Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began, ANM’s network of Messianic partners responded with lightning speed:

  • They sent funds to believing rabbis, elders, worship leaders, and other key members of various congregations in nearly 30 cities across Ukraine. The funds were used to get their families to safety and help others in their congregations. 
  • Messianic congregations and churches in Western Ukraine set up refugee centers on the borders of Romania, Moldova, Poland, and Belarus. One congregation rented a restaurant and created rooms with curtains to give people privacy. Hundreds more seek their help every day.
  • They bought and operated vans to evacuate women, children, and the elderly away from the fighting. 
  • Fearless volunteer drivers made dangerous trips, even at night and during shelling attacks.
  • They supplied food, medicines, and other necessities to thousands who could not find these items in the stores.
  • They prayed, encouraged, and spiritually strengthened all refugees and volunteers. 

Gratitude flowed with tears. One local leader, Rabbi Alexey, told us, “The Spirit of the Lord is ministering to us, and we are delighted to see unbelievers in our center stay for prayer meetings and experience the Lord. They did not understand what Messianic Jews were (Jews who have embraced Jesus as their Messiah), but after observing us, their perceptions are changing. They now ask questions about Jesus. They so appreciate how we have responded with love, faith, and in the joy of the Lord.”  

Migration of Ukrainians to Israel Exemplifies Indigenous Missions at Work

Because of the unrest, countless Ukrainians want out of their country. Israel’s doors are open. Israel has been accepting Ukrainian Jews for years. Many have become believers in Jesus. These Messianic believers know the language and culture of those now coming into Israel and are engaged in comprehensive efforts to welcome their countrymen with a smile. They find them homes and furnishings, and they take them to church where they encounter worship and sermons in Russian. Friendships are made. Helping them resettle in this new land is no easy task, but love, kindness, and Christ-likeness open eyes and hearts. These are indigenous missionaries. Christ prophesied the return of His promised people to Israel. Though the crisis is horrific, it is encouraging the inflow of more Ukrainian Jews.

You and our Messianic partners are taking part in this incredible opportunity to bring relief to the suffering, support indigenous missions, and participate in biblical prophecy.

Donate to feed a Ukrainian family.

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