Israeli Humanitarian Organization Crosses the Syrian Border for Christ

Borders—they represent difference and confrontation. A border declares, “Stop…you don’t belong here…come in under suspicion…go back…submit to our examination…prepare to be attacked…”

The 51-mile line separating Syria and Israel bears the weight of a long history of suspicion and hostility. Since the establishment of modern Israel in 1948, soldiers, tanks, rockets, and artillery shells have crossed the border many times. Technically the countries are still at war.

Since 2011, as the Syrian Civil War roiled to the north, the staff of one Israeli humanitarian organization watched with concern: infrastructure and local economies crumbled, millions left their homes.

“We did not want to sit idly by,” said Jim Schutz, director of Joseph Project, but a way to help had not yet materialized. The ministry’s partnership network was at that point entirely focused on helping needing populations within Israel.

In 2016 a new partnership with an organization working among displaced Syrians offered the opportunity Joseph Project was waiting for. That year they sent a cargo container full of medical equipment and other relief supplies to Syria. Three more containers followed in the spring of 2017. Joseph Project plans to do more, and ANM is helping. Visit to see the current needs.

Jesus made the treacherous border crossing from His kingdom to this one, the world, to rescue and to save. Here is an opportunity to do likewise.

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