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About This Cause

Many Iranians are deeply disillusioned with the Islamic regime in Iran — this has only increased under Coronavirus. The Iranian government does everything in the name of Islam, which has led many to question or give up on Islam. Iranians are a deeply spiritual people, and rather than becoming atheist many are now searching for truth. This has led to an unprecedented opportunity to share the Gospel with Iranians who are increasingly open to hope, love and peace found in Jesus Christ

Elam ministries is currently working to establish house churches and expand ministry networks in Iran, along with to expand and strengthen Persian-speaking churches the greater Iran region. They have established the following key objectives for 2021 to help foster this church growth:

  • 275+ trained leaders serving on-the-ground in the Iran region will receive support, mentoring, and strategic planning:
    • 95+ serve as church planters inside Iran (45 receive regular financial support; another 50+ receive mentoring, strategic planning, and periodic financial support)
    • 30+ serve the church in Iran through the Internet from outside Iran
    • 150+ serve as church leaders and/or church planters in Turkey
    • A small team is based in Tbilisi, Georgia
  • 18 key leaders serve as supervisors for our work in Iran and Turkey:
    •  10 serve as supervisors for Iran
    • 8 serve as supervisors for the work in Turkey
  • 52 weeks of Weekly Fellowship will be produced for use by small fellowships across Iran and Afghanistan
  • 30+ live Zoom corporate worship services will be hosted for people in Iran (weekly, by the end of the year)

You can give to help Elam expand Christ’s reach in this region by donating to support the goals listed above.

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