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In Memory of Swapon Bose: A Life of Incredible Ministry in Bangladesh

Salmon Swapon Bose, founder of Faith Bible Center in Bangladesh, has passed into the presence of God following a long period of medical care in Canada. He and his wife, ministry co-founder Rachel Bose, were living with family members in Vancouver. Brother Swapon was a beloved friend and ministry partner of ANM for the past 20 years.

P.R. Misra, ANM’s international president and a close friend of Brother Swapon, remarked,

Brother Swapon Bose was one of the very prominent Christian leaders of Bangladesh and was very much respected by the Christian community. Also, he and his ministry, Faith Bible Center, have been one of our senior ministry partners in Bangladesh. It is a great loss.

Our dear Brother Swapon passed away in Canada and could not be returned to Bangladesh for burial. If his recent funeral had been held in his native country, the attendance would have been amazingly large. No church could have held the crowd! Brother Swapon was well known and respected, even by many who were not followers of Christ.

Jerry Harding, director of ANM’s Operation Barnabas International, represented ANM at Brother Swapon’s funeral. His first-hand and very personal report is available here

Rev. Swapon Bose and Wife Rachel Bose Ministering at Staff Retreat in Bangladesh
Rev. Swapon Bose prays for his staff at a retreat in Bangladesh.

Bo Barredo, co-founder of ANM, described Brother Swapon as a “hidden diamond” of mission leadership in Asia. Writing to P.R. Misra, Bo and his wife Marlou shared the following when they learned of Brother Swapon’s passing.

Marlou and I felt the sadness of losing a very precious brother and friend when we read the news on Brother Swapon Bose of Bangladesh. I still remember how our partnership with him started when you and Sister Anju did a thorough field evaluation of his then small work and growth potential in Bangladesh in 1999. 

We beheld the phenomenal growth in the ensuing years. A number of years ago they had 175 churches with 170 pastors, more than half of them former Muslims! And they grew more when you introduced them to [International Cooperating Ministries, which built] 40 “chapels” for their ministry. 

Now, one of the best of the best hidden missionary leaders in Asia has gone home to glory. His legacy will linger in our hearts. We pray for dear Rachel. We pray for dear [son] Safir and [daughter] Deborah and for their role in the legacy left by their beloved father. Again, thank you for finding this “hidden diamond” for us in the mission field of Bangladesh and for the excellent and accurate assessment you made as to [this diamond’s] four Cs: “Cut, Carat, Clarity, and Color.”

Please join the leadership and staff of ANM as we continue to pray for Rachel Bose, her son and daughter, and the ministry in Bangladesh.

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Eric is ANM's International Communications Director.

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