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How Can You Participate in the Great Commission without Going to Another Country?

You probably aren’t sitting at the airport waiting for your flight to a far-off country to preach the gospel.

(Neither am I.)

Which is why it’s tempting to slink past certain passages of scripture — the ones where Jesus seems to want all of His followers to help spread the good news of God’s kingdom. To our next-door neighbors and children, but also to “all nations,” to quote Jesus in Matthew 28. 

Jesus must have been talking to Peter and the other disciples, not me. Maybe the Great Commission is only for people who really like to travel and experience new cultures. What could I do to help anyway?

True — not every Christian can go to the world’s unreached people groups, much less share the gospel in an effective and respectful way in a different culture. I don’t even know how to ask for food or a bathroom in most countries.

But in today’s interconnected world, where we readily (if indirectly) engage with people in other countries when we buy shirts, toys, and phones, shouldn’t we also engage with their physical and spiritual needs? 

So, if a Christian believes what the Bible says and wants to bless the world’s people but isn’t going to the ends of the earth, what are the options?

Start with prayer.

ANM has a new Prayer Guide designed to help Christians like you and me be part of the global movement of the gospel even if we can’t or don’t physically go anywhere. The Guide provides a connection to the multinational body of Christ. It’s also full of information about different regions and cultures of the world, so it can be a confidence booster for someone who wants to pray but doesn’t know what to say.

You can download a free copy here to get started.

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