Share the Light of God’s Word this Easter

You’ve probably experienced the power of the Bible in your life. Many Christians in the U.S. have not just one, but two or three or four Bibles.

In many other parts of the world, though, the light of the scriptures hasn’t penetrated the darkness. New believers don’t have the opportunity to read the Bible as they follow Jesus and seek to grow in him. They may be passionate about the gospel and active in discipleship, but they’re missing this crucial resource.

Why the Bible?

Jesus didn’t just call individual followers and send them out alone. It’s good for believers to fellowship, study, worship, and serve together. Without these opportunities, it is very difficult for new and even long-time believers to become firmly established and to grow deeper in their faith. Instead, they may be vulnerable to the sin and darkness of our world, and even to losing their faith. They lose out on the opportunity to thrive and live fully through an intimate relationship with Jesus and a deeper understanding of God’s word.

This Easter, consider donating to help put Bibles into the hands of those who have never owned one. Just $5 provides this invaluable resource to help new believers grow for years and years after they begin following Jesus.

An Added Bonus

If the only thing these new believers received was their first copy of the Bible, that would be enough to transform their lives and bring them deeper in their newfound faith in Jesus. But because they will receive them from our native partners—who aren’t merely passing through on short-term assignments—they will have the opportunity to gain a fuller understanding of God’s word through discipleship programs based in local, native-led churches. So when a new believer receives a Bible, they also receive an invitation to join a local body of Christ that speaks their languageIsn’t that wonderful?

Thank you for your partnership in the gospel!


Donate to help bring Bibles to those who have never owned one!

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