Help for Persecuted Families Prompts Thanksgiving

When one person suffers persecution, many others endure hardship at the same time: spouses, children, friends, church members… Sometimes the effects of persecution go on for years.

Christ’s body around the world is taking notice and acting. An ANM partner shared these messages of gratitude from pastors and family members aided by the global church in their times of oppression and suffering.

Brother Bai: “I know it was God who sent you to help us. When the police raided our home, we lost everything. When I was in prison, you helped my wife and children. I am eternally indebted to your love and care. Your gifts show us the reality of God’s love in action. We are overwhelmed to realize that there are Christian brothers and sisters who pray and give to us even though we have never met.”

Brother Song: “I was in prison for three years because of my walk with the Lord Jesus. I was ‘welcomed’ into the dungeon by cruel beatings that left me unable to walk. I also deal with chronic arthritis. I prayed the Lord would take my life, but God lovingly told me that his grace was sufficient. After my release, I looked for every opportunity to share my faith. Today, I am an elder in the local church. Your financial support helps keep my family alive and strengthens us to wholeheartedly serve the Living God. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Brother Peter: “Before prison I led our evangelism team. In prison my health deteriorated, and I am [now] unable to work with my hands. We sold all of our possessions so I could afford a doctor’s visit. My children could not go to school, and we couldn’t even purchase salt. My mother is a strong believer. She prayed and quoted the psalm that says God’s servants will not become beggars. Two days later, we found $50 in our cupboard. I then knew the Lord would take care of us. Your support came, and my family and I are extremely grateful!”

Brother Mordecai: “I was a full-time worker and served 350 churches. I praise God for his love. Even when the prison guard broke my arm, I felt God’s love. When I got out of prison, I had paralysis and was without hope. In this time of darkness, your support arrived. Praise God! Local believers would sometimes bring us eggs and vegetables, but if there was no food, we told the Lord we were fasting. I can no longer travel freely, but there is a constant flow of brothers and sisters at our door for prayer and counsel. There are times when we can even share with these ministry leaders. How we appreciate all you have done!”

When we give, God does much with it. Extended families and communities witness that God does not forsake his children. Those seeking the truth have someone to go to.

A Christian martyr is a witness to God’s good news, even to the point of death. These brothers have suffered much, along with their families, and still they proclaim God’s goodness. I’ve decided to call them living martyrs.

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