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Is that…? Yes, there was no doubt in Romy’s* mind. He watched in disbelief as one of his chickens disappeared around a bend in the road, tucked under the arm of a Muslim man Romy had spotted in the market a few times.

Initially stunned, Romy felt indignation rise in him. “In my mind, I wanted to chase after him to get my chicken back,” he recalled. Romy, a Filipino Christian missionary in a predominately Muslim area, was not wealthy. The chicken and its eggs would provide several meals.

“But the Lord distinctly spoke to me in my heart,” he said, “to let the evil be overcome by good.”

The next day Romy folded up three of his four pairs of pants and went looking for the house of the thief. Finding it, he knocked, and the man himself opened the door. As Romy handed him the pants, the man stood open-mouthed. Then he humbly invited Romy inside.

“It was our first open door to the Muslims in that town,” Romy said.

*We’ve changed the missionary’s name for his protection.

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