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God’s Love in Action Shown to Widow in Sri Lanka

Samanlatha was desperate. Her family could no longer stay in their home. With her husband gone, Samanlatha’s hardships compounded. She could not rent even a small dwelling for herself and her four children. She had no one else to turn to for help.

One of the residents in her village of Wewala in Sri Lanka’s western province took pity on her and offered her the use of his shed as living quarters. The ramshackle structure with its beat-up roof did not bother Samanlatha. No electricity meant risking fire with an oil lamp at night. But she was thankful her family at least had shelter.

The community where they reside is in an isolated area. Because her family had no access to a toilet, Samanlatha and her children had to walk for miles to use their closest neighbor’s outhouse. It’s hard enough having to hike for miles in the dark of night just to find a suitable and sanitary place to relieve oneself. Even worse, Samanlatha’s family faced real danger from wild elephants and monkeys roaming around the village, destroying homes and food crops.  

This mother of four did her utmost to provide for her children and willingly took on any kind of job, even hard labor, just to earn an honest day’s wage. Unfortunately, work was scarce, and Samanlatha could barely eke out a living. Her children could not go to school, as she was unable to buy them basic school supplies and other necessities, let alone pay the required school fees. 

Such was their woeful condition when the missionary of an ANM partner ministry in Sri Lanka met them during a mission trip to Dambulla and Pussalawa last October. 

Samanlatha is a believer and has been connected to the partner’s church in Dambulla for the past five months. Her faith in God has sustained her through her destitution. She knows that while she might be in dire straits in the eyes of the world, she has eternal riches in Christ Jesus that will never be stolen or taken away. She faithfully comes to church for worship and fellowship, traveling many miles on foot to get there.

In a recent report, ANM’s partner ministry was happy to report that they were able to make repairs to Samanlatha’s shed and replace the damaged roof. They even constructed a decent toilet for the family’s use. “We extend our humble thanks [and] gratitude to all our prayer partners in reaching out with your unstinting support, which enabled us to buy the required materials to complete this project.”

Additionally, the ministry hopes to provide Samanlatha with medicine, dry rations, milk, food for the children, and support for their schooling. Likewise, they are assisting with transportation so she can come to church without having far to walk.

The resources and donations that ANM receives enable our partner ministries to extend hope and help to the poor and needy like Samanlatha. These gifts are a tangible expression of the love and compassion exemplified by our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Marlou is ANM's Co-Regional Director for Southeast Asia.

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