Host a Global Missions Night!

We’ll provide the speakers, videos, promotional materials, and more.

Our regional experts and missions leaders will —

  • Share insights on what the Lord is doing around the world
  • Educate your congregation on missions in the 21st century
  • Inspire prayer and action in response to the Lord’s call
Do you want to get your church involved in missions through giving?

We can match your church with a strategic and compelling missions project.

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Pastor Dan, Madison, VA

My heart and the hearts of our people are still deeply moved, challenged, and focused on the goal of reaching the unreached as a result of Brother Kishor and his wife Sikha being with us during our recent … church mission’s conference.

Pastor Lee, Carrollton, VA

I thank you for the ministry you provided when you came … The church, it seems, always stands in need of having fuel poured on its missions fire. That is exactly what you did when you came … We were enriched and greatly privileged and bless to have you with us.