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#GivingTuesday Matching Opportunity

Paulus Wibowo—diminutive, joyful, energetic, brilliant Paulus—started a missionary training center in 1990 to reach the people of Indonesia’s 17,000 islands. Since then, Paulus and his trainees—more than 300 of them—have planted more than 800 churches around the country. (That’s almost 30 a year!)

Those are impressive results. That’s native missions at work. Native missionaries already know the language. They don’t face the cultural and economic barriers of our American brothers and sisters. They are uniquely positioned for fruitful work.

So this #GivingTuesday we are excited to offer a matching opportunity that benefits these missionaries ready to be deployed in the communities most starved for the Gospel witness.

Every gift to the ’Til All Hear Campaign will be matched by our partner to provide the most benefit to missionaries on the front lines of evangelization.

And just $25 each month, matched by another $25, will support a native missionary in the field for a whole month in many places. Imagine the progress that can be made.

Aiming well

Just 1% of Christian foreign missions giving goes toward unreached people groups, like the 224 in Indonesia. Yet the world’s 7,000 unreached people groups include about 40% of the world’s population. 1% of missions giving going to reach 40% of the population. Nine out of 10 missionaries go to people groups that already have active local bodies of Christ.

That’s changing. More Christians are recognizing the need in places where the church is not established. And more are seeing the potential of native missionaries to effectively reach those unreached peoples.

We have an opportunity to invest in the Paulus Wibowos of the world. He has made an outsized impact because God brought him friends and supporters to shoulder the financial burden. Many more are ready to serve.

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