Fundraise on Facebook on Giving Tuesday to Make a Global Impact for Christ’s Kingdom

I don’t know about you, but I love Thanksgiving and Christmas. The food is great, and the time with family is always a blessing (and I certainly don’t mind receiving gifts). But what really brings it all together, though, is the fact that we set aside time to be grateful for the many blessings we’ve received and the amazing gift of our Lord and Savior, Jesus.

Whenever I think about the joy and blessings that come from this season, I also often think of the millions of people around the world who aren’t able to celebrate with me. Specifically, I think of those who can’t celebrate because they have never heard of Christmas, or, more importantly, have never heard the message of truth and salvation behind it.

This year, Giving Tuesday is on November 27, 2018. It’s a great opportunity to donate towards your favorite causes. More specifically, for Christians it is an excellent opportunity to give to the work of Christ’s kingdom. This Giving Tuesday is special because it offers the opportunity to triple your impact. All donations made through Facebook will be matched by Facebook, and Advancing Native Missions’ generous partner will also match donations to help support fruitful local ministries across the globe.

That’s a 3X match on gifts to ANM through Facebook.

Donating on Giving Tuesday to triple your impact is a great deal. But for those who want to make an even bigger impact, I recommend fundraising through Facebook. It’s easy. Simply:

  1. Go to ANM’s Facebook fundraiser page
  2. Set up a fundraiser
  3. Invite your friends and family to give

We recommend fundraisers between $200 and $500—but the more the merrier!

You can make a global impact on Christ’s kingdom this Christmas by fundraising for ANM. The goal is to raise $10,000 to support missionaries across the globe who are sharing the gospel of Jesus with people who have never encountered it! Please consider donating or fundraising for ANM to help millions of unbelievers across the world celebrate the life-changing gift of Jesus with us.

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