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Flood Relief Helps Lead Village to Christ in Cambodia

The rain first sounded like pitter-patter on the roof. Geckos sought shelter inside, and green frogs chirped excitedly in the trees. The rainy season was not to begin for another month, so Pril Morng in the village of Taveng, Cambodia, relaxed in the gentle rain. The music of water on the leaves comforted him. He wove thatch to repair his roof and walls before the severe storms arrived later. His children laughed as they played in the mud puddles that formed in the red-soiled streets. The sprinkles increased into a steady shower, and then it poured relentlessly — for three days! 

Winds and water battered Pril’s home, and the level of the Sesan River began to rise. The next day, the river banks gave way, inundating Taveng, and the rushing water washed away the wooden staircase that provided access to Pril’s house, raised up on stilts. The immense devastation destroyed homes, crops, and livestock. 

A Cry for Help

According to the beliefs of the local Brao people, the Hindu god Vishnu takes the form of a fish and appears to warn people of floods. Pril saw no fish, so he now prayed to his other Hindu gods to save his family. No help came.

Failed Attempts

Years before, ANM ministry partners in Cambodia attempted to share the gospel several times with the unreached Brao tribe in Taveng. Each time, the villagers viciously chased them off and warned them never to return. Pril joined the community in their hatred of Christians. However, the missionaries never stopped praying for a way to reach these people with the gospel.


When the flood came, these faithful native workers loaded boats with rice, instant noodles, canned food, sheets of plastic, and blankets and headed to Taveng, giving aid to Pril and 200 other families. 

During the distribution, the ministry leader asked if he could pray for the people. No one refused, so he also shared the good news of salvation in Jesus. A week later, a report came saying, “The people of Taveng want to know more about Christ and desire to start a church.” 

A Soul Saved

At first, Pril wondered, Why have these people helped us since we terrorized them before? The ministry workers told him, “Jesus is not just any God. He is the Savior of the world, and He died for everyone.” Pril finally understood that Jesus is the one true God who loves and helps. He accepted Christ that day.

Many Souls Saved

One month later, the first church gathered in that area. Within the last four years, six churches have been planted in northeast Cambodia. 

This is the power of the gospel!


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