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The Field Visit: Discovery, Investigation, and Relationship in Native Missions

Most people do a few important things before they commit to marrying someone. They spend some time getting to know the other person, often years.

They (hopefully) consider what other people, whose judgement they trust, think about this person. And they spend time reflecting on questions like,

“Do we have the same values, the same goals, the same priorities?”

“Can I see myself getting old with this person?”

“Is there give and take in our relationship? Are they willing to make this relationship work?

When Advancing Native Missions is considering a new partnership with a native ministry, in some ways it’s like a courtship. We are looking at them, and they at us, trying to discern if we are a good “fit” for each other. Does a long-term relationship line up the visions, goals, and structures of both ANM and the potential partner?

Often the answer is yes. Sometimes, for various reasons, the answer is no. Either way, we each have hopefully come to that decision prayerfully, after a process of getting to know the other with some kind of depth.

This episode of the Advancing Native Missions Podcast focuses on that process. Two of our staff members, Renee Lilly and Eric Vess, recently travelled to Brazil for what we call a field visit. They sat down with me in the studio after the trip share some of their adventures in remote Brazil, and to talk about what they learned and why these trips are important as we consider partnerships in missions.

If you’ve ever wondered how we find ministries and initiate partnerships with them, listen in. And please send me an email at [email protected] if you have questions.

Check the Podcast page or find us on iTunes for more interviews from the ANM Podcast.


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