Feed My Lambs

Melody Wright of Feed My Lambs, a ministry to children in Nicaragua, sent us this message and testimonies from the families FML serves.

What is God’s command for us in a place of destitution and oppression? “Is it not to share your bread with the hungry, and bring the homeless poor into your house; when you see the naked, to cover them…?” (Isaiah 58:7) We are called to give, to serve and, in everything, to love.

Nicaragua is the poorest country in Central America. Children scatter about the streets, begging for money and searching city dumps for food. Young girls are at risk of prostitution and rape. Even children with living parents lack adequate food, clothing, and healthcare. 

With the Lord’s help, these children will one day lack no longer. His little lambs will be clothed and fed, and their hope will be restored. Our mission is to make this dream a reality. Feed My Lambs serves hundreds of children in Nicaragua every day. We share the hope of the Gospel with the little boys and girls, and we provide them with the food and clothing that they need. Here are some testimonies from those we serve:

There are children who don’t have any food, and it is a blessing for us to receive it. We are also thankful for the personal hygiene products that we received. – a mother

Thank you for the clothes and food that you send us. Thank you for the help that you give us with the food. – Yara

We have received clothes and school supplies. I also want to thank you for the food and the milk for my little sister. – José

My parents sometimes are not able to feed us at home, and you send us this blessing. – Mayerly

Thank you for the food because many times our parents do not have anything to feed us. We are very grateful for your help and also for the medication and the clothes that you send us. – Norlan and German

Through FML, you can provide a box of a month’s worth of food for a family for just $10. 

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