Village in the Gobi Desert

Every Village in the Gobi Desert Needs the Gospel

As I have shared before, Mongolia is a miracle. In 1989, the year communism fell and democracy was established in this land of Genghis Khan, there were possibly only four Christians in all of the country—and zero churches. In the next 25 years the church grew to more than 36,000 believers and over 800 churches.

By Dan Reichard

The Mongolian church is passionate about extending this meteoric rise for the glory of God and the good of their country. For some of our partners in Mongolia, the next frontier is the Gobi Desert.

I visited Mongolia in 2015. My companions and I traveled across the endless miles of the Gobi Desert. There was no road, no signs, and no help if you met trouble. We heard only the sounds of the winds, felt the blazing sun, and saw decomposing animals on the desert floor.

The desert is nearly 5,000 feet above sea level in some places, and strong winter winds bring frost and snow from the Siberian steppes. Temperatures get down to –40º. Travel comes to a standstill for several months. Though summer temperatures can rise to 122º, this is the season for evangelizing.

There is more than desolation in the Gobi: small villages of isolated and needy people dot the landscape. They are open to the Gospel. That’s where our partners are going, committed to taking the Gospel to every village in the Gobi.

What a daunting mission! Yet God has already done a marvelous work in this country. Please pray with us for these brothers and sisters.

Dan Reichard is ANM’s Far East director.

In 2015 generous believers like you raised more than $10,000 for a reliable used van that one of our Mongolian partners used to send teams across the desert to these remote villages. This spring, the van inexplicably caught fire and burned completely during the night. The police report found no evidence of human error or arson. So now we are again asking those with a heart for the unreached to equip this ministry to achieve its goal. Every village in the Gobi Desert needs the Gospel. Give here to help it get there.