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Every Little Bit Helps: Bringing COVID-19 Relief to Honduras

Pastora Maria and her son Saul were shocked. They had heard about the coronavirus pandemic, but suddenly their government was enforcing house quarantine and the shutdown of all nonessential businesses. Now what?

The people of their church live in a poor section of the fifth most dangerous city in the world, Tegucigalpa, Honduras. They are day laborers and live one meal at a time. Now they would have no source of income.

Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Latin America, with more than half of the population living in poverty. In countries like this, COVID-19 has been devastating.

ANM’s director for Latin America, Renee Lilly, recently contacted this ministry to check on their situation. She learned that they were in dire need.

Thanks to donors like you, ANM sent emergency funds to Maria and Saul, and with those funds they were able to purchase eggs, rice, oil, and other necessities. Individual food bags, with enough supplies for ten days, were prepared for 25 families in the small community. Along with the food, Maria and Saul shared the gospel and offered prayer and encouragement. People who never before had been open to the message of Jesus gladly listened. Their smiles of appreciation were overwhelming. 

But what about the following ten days, and the next? By faith, Maria and Saul pray and believe that God will somehow provide.

One villager named Chon is 90 years old. He is Maria’s neighbor and lives alone. When Renee visited the ministry in 2016, Chon told her he was going to be baptized the following week.  Today, he no longer has the strength to work and depends on the help of others. The problem is, since the COVID-19 crisis, the “others” are also in great need. When Maria presented him with his bag of resources, Chon’s gratitude far exceeded what he was given. He praised God for the hand of hope that Maria and Saul — and, by extension, ANM — had outstretched. 

Pastora Maria’s church is one of three ANM partner ministries in Honduras, one of which oversees 82 churches. Your gift of any amount will enable many more Marias and Sauls to spread the good news of Jesus as they provide for the practical needs of their congregations.


Help people experiencing financial hardships due to the pandemic

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