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Event Attendees Fund Training for Ten Pastors in Venezuela

We’re excited to share a bit of good news with you that illustrates just one reason why native missions is such an effective way to participate in God’s global work.

This weekend Ravi Zacharias is speaking at ANM’s sold-out Transformed event in Charlottesville. About 1,300 people will be present, and we’re streaming the event as well. Those 1,300 tickets benefit a work going on in Venezuela, a country that certainly deserves our attention these days as it collapses in economic turmoil and social unrest.

Our partner there, Center for Ministerial Training, prepares pastors for the work of reaching out to and caring for their communities. Its three-year program has already graduated dozens of students. They have planted almost 100 churches, and they are hands-on in some of the most underserved neighborhoods and villages of the country. They also are exploring opportunities to establish ministry in Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador.

The faith of this ministry team is summed up in Cruz’s response when our Latin America director recently asked how he manages in the midst of Venezuela’s widespread shortages, instability, and inflation: “I can’t answer how. We just trust God and He provides… When we are in a country where there is no food, we see God as provider; or being without medicines, we experience God as healer. In the chaos, the church advances.”

Here are some numbers: Those 1,300 tickets, at $10 each, total $13,000. We’re sending 100% of those funds to this ministerial training program in Venezuela, where it will enable ten native pastors to attend all three years of the program. That would cover one year or less for an American student at many U.S. institutions! Through classroom work and field work, these pastors will be theologically and practically trained to plant churches and engage productively with communities in need throughout the region. And they already know the local language and live in the native culture. Imagine the impact they can have!

Thank you for your partnership with us for these pastors in Venezuela!

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