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Equipping New Pastors in Rural Tanzania

Williams Yindi trains pastors for six months at his Discipleship Mission Training School in Tanzania. They also receive vocational training, enabling them to support themselves and gain respect within their communities.

Williams’ goal is to send pastors to each ethnic group, especially unreached tribes, to plant a church. He recently sent 50 pastors who graduated from his training school to go to villages to reach the unreached. Williams loves to send out the trained pastors to their own ethnic groups with BBR. What is BBR, you might wonder? He equips them with Bibles, Bicycles, and Roofs

Many people, even pastors in Tanzania’s rural areas, do not own their own Bible. Pastors on the mission fields in developing countries minister without a Bible.  Isn’t it hard to imagine teaching and preaching the gospel without the use of the Bible? That is why Williams hopes, seeks, and desires to give each pastor he trains a Bible. They are better grounded, better prepared, and more effective with a Bible to read and study daily.

Bicycles are the second tool Williams desires to give the pastors he trains and sends out to plant churches. Why a bicycle? Most pastors traveling in rural areas of Tanzania must walk or spend the little money at their disposal for public transportation to travel to villages to share the gospel. With a bicycle, a pastor can travel more quickly and go farther. That means he might be able to plant a church in three villages instead of one. In these villages, there are people who may have never heard about Jesus even one time. That is why bicycles are vital tools for the ministry.

Number three is a roof. How do you give a pastor a roof? First, the pastor plants a church in a village and then builds a simple church building. In most places in Africa, the local people can produce their own bricks to build a church, but they need a metal roof to protect the building from the elements. That is costly. So Williams hopes to supply each pastor with the money to purchase a roof for his new church. He needs your help to provide the roof for the next pastor to plant a church.

It’s easy to give a Bible or a bicycle this year through the ANM Gift Catalog. You can provide the total amount to purchase these necessary items for pastors or give a portion and join with others to supply the need.

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Sue Morris is a writer with ANM's Marketing team.

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