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Enjoy Fun Missions-Minded Activities for Your Children During COVID-19

Schools are canceled, fun zones are closed, and you are locked in your home with children who seem to have nothing better to do than eat, make a mess, and watch silly videos online. 

But wait — there is a solution! 

Our family is working and schooling from home during this time like you are, and I understand the challenge of keeping kids active and engaged. 

So I want to share an exciting set of resources with you that will help your family, your small group, and even your church redeem the time the Lord has given you with your young ones. 

This situation is not ideal, and it can be stressful for parents and children alike, yet we have been given this unique opportunity to pour the power of the gospel into the hearts and lives of our children, and at the same time give them an adventure to explore during this season of being at home. 

Each week we will publish a new download for a new place to explore. It will include —

  • Simple recipes you can prepare with your children
  • Customs from local cultures
  • Greetings in a different language
  • A Bible story
  • A way your children can share what they are experiencing 

We pray all of this will make for a full and fun quest. And if you feel comfortable, we would love to see what wonderful adventures your children are having. You can post these adventures on any of our ANM social media outlets. 

Truly, we hope that these resources will create meaningful experiences and great memories for you and your children and further draw them closer to the heart of their Father. 

We pray as you create, taste, and play as a family that the Lord will bring a peace into your home that will drown out the news for just a moment and help you all focus on the One True God.

Get Free Children’s Resources:

Make sure to check back each week for new resources!

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Mindy Mullins

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