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Easter Generosity Leads Muslim Families to Jesus

Tell Uncle Jesus Thank You

In Syria recently, missionaries gave out decorated Easter eggs and food to community members. Adara, a little girl, was thrilled to receive the decorated eggs. To the people of Syria, an egg is a sign of life. She asked where the food came from, as they had received eggs, cheese, and other food. The missionary told her, “This food was given to you because of Jesus Christ, to bless your home.”

Adara replied gratefully, “Say thank you to Uncle Jesus because we didn’t have food in our house. So please tell him thank you.”

In her culture, an older person is given the title Aunt or Uncle. She wanted to thank the person, Uncle Jesus, for giving her food!

One Third of the World Has Not Heard about Jesus

In the United States; it is hard to imagine that people have not heard the name of Jesus. We are surrounded by churches, TV, movies, and Christian music that communicate about Jesus. According to the Christian Conversion Project, it costs $333,000 to lead one person to Jesus in the US. But it is not the same in other countries. It is estimated that one third of the world’s population has never even heard the name of Jesus! That means that 3.29 billion people need to hear about Him. What an incredible number of people! They don’t know who Jesus is or what He has done for them. The Syrian child is just one example of a person who has no knowledge of our Lord and Savior. This next story also illustrates that many are unaware of the name of Jesus.

In Tunisia

Reem was given money by an ANM missionary to buy food. She thanked the missionary for the gift, and he responded, “No, no, don’t thank me. Thank Jesus.”

She was curious about who Jesus was, so she tried to look him up on Facebook! She eventually realized that Jesus is Isa, whom Muslims consider a prophet.

Reem questioned the missionary, “Why didn’t you tell me that you were talking about Isa?”

The missionary responded, “Because you don’t believe in Isa as we believe in Jesus.”

Reem explained, “But I want to thank Him, and I can’t thank Him for the gift.”

The missionary told Reem, “Close your eyes and say ‘Thank you, Jesus.’”

Afterward, Reem went home and had a dream about Jesus. She grasped his hand and walked into a big garden with him. Jesus told her, “Don’t be worried. I am with you.” When Reem awoke, she felt clean.

Help Share the Name of Jesus

These stories illustrate the need to share the Gospel with unreached people groups. The unreached are tribes, villages, or sections of people who have never been exposed to the name of Jesus and their own need for salvation. One missionary told of leading a man to the Lord in the Himalayas. The man asked when Jesus had died: “Was it last week, last year? When did he die for me?” The missionary explained that Jesus had died over two thousand years ago. The man exclaimed, “What took you so long to come and tell me?”

Many people are searching for hope and a better future. They serve false gods, make sacrifices, and live futile lives without Jesus as their Savior. You can be a part of helping the next person hear the name of Jesus for the first time. You can pray for the unreached, donate to support missionaries, and give gifts from the ANM Gift Catalog that open the door to share the Gospel. Will you help reach the next person with the Good News that Jesus saves?

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