A destitute child needed help. See how you made a difference.

I’m Evarist Djessadjim, first-year law student.

Evarist, a young man from Chad, looks back on how a local ministry brought him out of poverty, gave him a chance for the future, and answered his mother’s prayers. Donations from American Christians helped make it happen.

I was only three months old when my father died. I’m not lucky as other children to experience a father’s love. I don’t know even my father’s face, because his pictures disappeared or were taken by my father’s relatives.

I was born in a destitute family situation. To provide for our need, my mother struggled with a small trade that brought in just the minimum for us. To be like an orphan at the age of three months is not easy at all in this complex and selfish world where self-interest is seen as superior to mutual aid.

My admission to the Altonodji Village for orphans in 2008 was an answer to my mother’s prayer. My situation improved day by day. I studied in the good ambience of the village and passed my baccalaureate in 2013.

After that, I received a scholarship from the ministry that overseas the village so that I could study law. What grace!

My mother, by the way, received a micro-loan from the village. These funds helped my mother open a food stall so my sisters were secured from anxiety (there was not room for them in the village at the time).

I can’t describe the joy I have as a recipient of Altonodji’s good deeds. I learned from my trainers to work hard and to attach myself to God. I could not have found it anywhere else. Altonodji filled the gap in me by giving me back my smile and permitting me to be accepted with dignity. I made friends and brothers in the village. My family circle increased.

May those far away who contributed for my education find here the expression of my gratitude. God will know how to reward you.

I now have the opportunity to pass once a month to the village to talk with my young brothers and encourage them. Part of me is still in the village, and my heart is entirely for the development of this ministry because the need remains great in the country.

On the behalf of the orphans and other children there, I say we love you so much. We are part of your family. We will never forget you.

Pray for Evarist as he embarks on his law education, and pray for the children of Altonodji.

Altonodji Village was founded by Pastor Ngarndeye Bako, an orphan himself, for orphans and children on the margins of society. Hear how God intervened in Bako’s life in our July podcast interview with him.

Support the work of Altonodji Village and other projects for those on the margins in Chad by giving here.


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