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COVID Care Packages Bring Hope to a Honduran Boy with a Disability

In Honduras, Alexander, “Sander,” suffered an accident when he was born. He has brain damage and is semi-paralyzed on his right side. He has had to be in a wheelchair his entire life. Sander also has a mental disability. 

His father has supported the family by working in construction. When COVID hit, his father lost his job, and the family soon was in a desperate situation. They had no money for food. They gave up hope.

Hope and Help Come

Then Maria and her son, Saul Alvarado, local ministers, arrived at their door with a care package provided by ANM donors. It included food for the family — basics such as rice, beans, oil, and a few eggs. Every month Sander’s family received another care package. It changed the family. 

Renee Lilly, ANM’s Regional Director for Latin America, shared that she saw the effects that a care package given to a family could have when she visited various Latin American countries in the past. “You can tell by their countenance that they’re different, that there’s a hope and there’s an expectation of a future that they would never have had before.” The help and love Sander’s family received convinced them that the love of Jesus is real. The entire family has come to know Christ as their Savior because of the loving gift of the care package. First, it saved their lives, and then it led to saving their souls.

COVID Care Packages Bring Hope to a Honduran Boy with a Disability - ANM Blog Image - Sander with Family
Sander with his family

Next Steps for Sander

Sander’s dad believes his son could learn to walk if he received treatments. So it was a great disappointment that during COVID, he had to stop receiving therapy because of his family’s financial situation. The cost to get him to his treatments was beyond the family’s means. Though a poor congregation, the church they attend is taking up offerings to raise the $50 a week needed to get him to his therapy. Renee Lilly is hopeful that, with ANM donations coming in, Sander will continue in therapy. He is in a lottery to be readmitted into the treatment program but will need funds to travel to receive the therapy. With therapy and God’s help, the goal is to get him out of the wheelchair and walking.

Sander’s story illustrates the impact your gifts can make on a person or family. Do you want to help others in distress because of the COVID-19 pandemic? Follow this link to give.


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