Missionaries Need Emergency Support During Pandemic

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as financial support falls.


Missionaries are responding boldly as the coronavirus pandemic threatens the poorest of the poor. But the needs are far greater than their funds. Help them provide food, basic necessities, and hope in this crisis.




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Thanks to the generosity of one of our faithful donors, all gifts given to provide relief and support for our faithful partner missionaries and ministry workers around the world will be matched until we reach their $165,000 matching limit!




You can help them continue their ministry efforts

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Protect Churches and Ministries

They long to continue their work, but…


Churches and ministries in sensitive areas, such as Muslim Indonesia, are facing shutdown because the pandemic has cut off almost all support from local Christians. Your help is crucial in these strategic areas where Christianity is just beginning to take root.




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Your show of love and support are a great encouragement to us in serving our Lord, especially in these critical times.”

– Wilson and Cora Ladringan, Philippines

Missionaries are continuing their work and responding to needs around them, but the pandemic has cut off many local funding sources. Many missionaries lack government safety nets, healthcare, and financial reserves.

They are stretching their resources as far as they can, but they need help. You can provide for these faithful and vulnerable workers during this time of great need.

Many local missionaries live on as little as $250/month, so your gift of $100, $50, or $25 will go a long way.